How to Stop iTunes from Always Opening When iPhone is Plugged In

With iOS 6, the iPhone is no longer completely tied down to iTunes, but many users continue to plug their phone in throughout the day. A common annoyance with iTunes is that when a user plugs in their iPhone, it automatically pops up.

For those who use their computer to charge their phone throughout the day, this process can become repeatedly annoying. With a simple settings change, however, iTunes can be instructed to no longer open automatically.

The following post outlines how to change iTunes settings to disable iTunes opening up automatically.

Go to the Mac and select iTunes.

Select iTunes

Plug the iPhone into your computer with either the lightning cable or 30-pin cable that you use to charge the iPhone.

Once the iPhone is connected it should appear in iTunes and perform an automatic sync. Tap on the iPhone box that is located in the top right corner.


Select iPhone

The next window will show information on the user’s iPhone.

iPhone Info

Scroll to the bottom of the Summary screen and uncheck Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected.

Uncheck Autiomatic Sync

Once this box is unselected choose Apply in the bottom right.

Apply Settings

As soon as the new setting is applied, whenever that device is connected it will not launch iTunes and begin an automatic sync.

This settings change is also helpful for those who use their iPhone as a personal hotspot over usb. By disabling iTunes opening automatically it allows those who use personal hotspot one less step.

Another thing iPhone owners should be aware of is keeping usual backups of their iPhone. A lot of users forget to back up the data and this can become a problem if their iPhone ever malfunctions.

Plugging the iPhone into the computer and syncing photos, apps and other content is important so that personal photos and other content is safe. With iCloud, keeping backups of certain files is a lot easier than constantly plugging your iPhone in to back it up. For most users it would be extremely beneficial to use iCloud to backup at least some of their iPhone’s data.





  1. Niko says

    How do you achieve this same outcome when itunes won’t open your ipad? I mean, it will keep opening itunes to TELL ME IT CAN’T OPEN MY IPAD, but it won’t let me stop trying to open my ipad automatically BECAUSE IT CAN’T OPEN MY IPAD!

  2. Julie L says

    Hi Troy, you are very kind to write this article. I can finally plug my phone without getting irritated. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

  3. Jason says

    Actually, i’m with VIC. It doesn’t work. I unchecked it days ago and it still opens iTunes. It’s kind of hard to “wrongfully” un-check/check a box, Mike.

  4. Ben says

    Doesn’t work. Box is unchecked and it still starts up itunes whenever I plug in my iphone

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