How to Turn Off Auto Correct on the iPhone

One of the many things that the iPhone is known for is its Auto Correct function. Unfortunately,  auto-correct creates more problems than it solves for some users. Turning off Auto Correct takes just a few seconds.

Auto Correct scans words as they’re typed in to see if they match those in the iPhone’s built-in dictionary. When a word is entered that does not match, the word automatically changes to the assumed correct one. The corrected words are often not what the user intended to type. This results in frustration, especially for those who use slang or abbreviations.

To avoid this problem you can turn auto correct off in the iPhone’s settings. Follow the steps below to disable auto-correct so your messages will be sent exactly as you typed them, even if that means the occasional misspelling.

How to disable Auto Correct.

Tap Settings. Your Settings icon may be in a different location than pictured below.

Tap Settings


Scroll down and select General.

Tap General

On the next screen, tap Keyboard.

Tap Keyboard

Find Auto-Correction and turn the slider to OFF. 

Note that there’s a separate Check Spelling option that we recommend leaving on. The Check Spelling function underlines misspelled words in red. Users can ignore the underlined words or tap on them for suggestions.

Auto-Correct OFF

Once that step is done the screen should appear like below:

Disabled Auto-Correct

One way to avoid misspelling words and names with Auto Correct turned off is to use shortcuts. There is already a built-in shortcut that demonstrates how this feature works. While using the iPhone keyboard, typing omw changes into the phrase “On my way!”. This is helpful when auto correct is turned off, because users can setup words they often misspell as a shortcut.

There are a lot of other options for the iPhone’s keyboard. A fun addition are emoji images that can be included in messages sent to friends and family. While most smartphones can receive these images, normal phones and some android phones may not be able to read them.


To add an Emoji keyboard to the iPhone follow the steps in this article.