HTC One Release Date Details Emerge for U.S.

The U.S. HTC One release date details are coming together as Gotta Be Mobile learned that U.S. carriers are planning to carry the HTC One by mid April.

The HTC One release date is no longer on track for March thanks to component delays, but a reliable source with knowledge of the HTC One release plans confirmed to Gotta Be Mobile that the U.S. release is on track for early to mid April.

The source provided reliable information in the past and based on these new details we expect Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile will be selling the HTC One by the time taxes are due.

The HTC One release date is on track for early to mid April.

The HTC One release date is on track for early to mid April.


HTC previously stated, “will start fulfilling pre-orders by end March in certain markets and will roll out to more markets as we approach April,” and we’ve heard from other sources that the U.S. HTC One release is unaffected by the delay.

Even with these assurances from HTC corporate, the talk of shortages thanks to lack of faith in HTC led to uncertainty about the speed of a U.S. HTC One release date.

Based on this new information, HTC may be calling in favors to get enough HTC One stock to the U.S. for an April release without shortages.

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HTC needs to bring the HTC One to U.S. carriers soon in order to beat the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the market. The Samsung Galaxy S4 release is pegged at late April internationally and possibly for May in the U.S.

The HTC One is HTC’s new flagship smartphone with an all metal design with a look and feel that is capable of competing with the iPhone 5. HTC is counting on a successful launch to return the company to it’s former status as a big time Android player.

There is also talk of a Verizon HTC One release one to two months after the primary HTC One release date in the U.S.



    • john says

      Why are u going to buy iPhone 5??? IPhone 5s is coming out in sveral months and another cheaper version of iPhone are supposedly coming soon… It will be suxed the new version of iPhone come out within months of buying iphone5

  1. kevin says

    im WILLING to wait until the end of april, but if they change the date again apple will have a new customer

  2. Derrick McGalliard says

    Hey joey I feel you, but I personally can’t buy anytech from the previous year, plus its only a few more weeks, Ill hold out, if another delay occur. Then I say go for the iPhone

  3. Robbie says

    screw apple and their over-priced, over-hyped phones. if Apple phones where plastic, they’d have no sales. finally a manufacturer releases a good phone with good design, apple has a nervous breakdown. the times of waiting out in the rain for an Apple are over.

  4. Brian says

    This sucks, I was waiting for the rumored date (March 22nd), but I am almost certain that won’t happen. Maybe late march, or early April. T-Mobile’s site promises it will come March 31st at the latest, and their customers should hear news by March 26th about the One. However, nothing is confirmed by HTC or the carriers here in the U.S. All we can do is either wait, or rely simply on rumors. =/

    • James Moore says

      Yeah, I’m the same story. This is crap. I had heard March 22nd, then I heard delays, then I heard US wasn’t affected by the delays. What gives.

  5. Maryjaney says

    I need a new phone..Now!! I am willing to buy the Galaxy S4 if it releases before the HTC. Even tho I hate my current Galaxy. It reboots itself as if it has a mind of its own!! Soo upset. Apple never does this….they are concrete about their release dates. Can’t social network in class and this is a problem!

  6. Lance Mckay says

    S4 in late april is the newest from Samsung so sorry to say HTC will be a thing of the past and anybody buying the One will have an phone with a bankrupt manufacturer that ,isnt good,Samsung is a safe bet and the S4 will come out as stated late April so just wait for the better phone.

  7. Jmak says

    So will they still honor the smart phone buy back program! This is ridiculous, I want this phone and I need a new phone bad! This sucks

  8. Lance Mckay says

    better How? the HTC One has ony a great speaker,The S4 has dozens of great new features and if HTC does go bankrupt like they said they would if The One doesnt sell at top level then you will have no support for your device and then were will you be?

    • jimmy wu says

      htc is still strong company in finacial. they just don,t earn much money as they did .
      they are not babkru.stop the rumors.
      they make quality phone better than Samsung

  9. SweetDaddy says

    great speaker, Better screen, fast processor, better build & design. and if they do go bankrupt youd still be able to use your phone htc isnt a service carrier.

  10. Lance Mckay says

    yeah but a carrier can’t fix your phone if something happens with the software,hardware,so yeah you can use it but don’t use it too much cuz if it breaks or malfuctions then you’ll be out of luck.

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