iPhone 6: Will Apple Deliver a 1080P HD Retina+ iPhone?

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  1. schizo

    No they won’t, rather they will make iphone6 with resolution of 2136×1184. Remember, they are Pioneer, Inventor, the guy who always reinvent the already invented :D

  2. kumar

    The iP5 is a 1136 x 640 4 inch display phone.. Just imagine a new 5 incher (or 5 plus) with 4 times more pixels, 2272 x 1280!! Wow…

    • Tsamane

      No, if they up to 5″ it wont be that high
      They went down in ppi when they jumped to 4″ (330 ppi on the 4s and down to 326 ppi on the 5)
      And if apple does go with a 1280p screen, Samsung will more likely be going 1600p or even 2160p on the Galaxy S5

  3. james braselton

    hi there no way 3d in 2d out

  4. Pat

    i will keep my 4s i dont need 3d on my phone if i need 3d i would get the ipad… phones dont need 3d at all, its a wast of time…

  5. TRUTH

    obviously not apple knows their customers are too stupid to want a better phone and that they will buy the same garbage year after year.

  6. Upcoming iPhone

    1080p in iPhone 6? That would be super awesome!

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