Samsung Galaxy S4 Off Contract Price Revealed

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 off contract price is $640, $10 less than an unlocked iPhone 5 off contract.

AT&T revealed the Galaxy S4 off contract price when it started taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S4 early this morning. This price is for the 16GB Galaxy S4, and though AT&T said that it will carry the 32GB model, it does not appear to be available for pre-order this morning.

Based on the $50 increase the Samsung Galaxy S4 price for a 32GB model, we may see a $689.99 off contract price for the 32GB Galaxy S4. No U.S. carriers have announced the Galaxy S4 64GB price at this time.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 off-contract price is $639.99.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 off-contract price is $639.99.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 release date on AT&T was rumored for April 26th, but AT&T promises to ship the device on April 30th, two weeks from today.

Unfortunately users looking to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 off-contract will run into some trouble while using the online ordering system.

AT&T’s online orders system considers month-to month purchases in the same way it considers one and two year contracts, requiring users pick a plan to check out. Despite multiple attempts to purchase the Galaxy S4 without service, the AT&T website would not allow the transaction to take place.

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It’s possible that the Samsung Galaxy S4 off contract pricing may work for existing customers who are simply looking to upgrade from a Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5 mid-cycle, but new customers will need to call in and see if AT&T can sell just the phone or wait until April 30th when the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be in AT&T stores.

Despite rumors that T-Mobile would start Galaxy S4 pre-orders today, that is not the case. AT&T is the only carrier taking Galaxy S4 pre-orders at this time. If the ship date is correct, and it is not moved up like AT&T did for the HTC One, there is some hope that the Verizon Galaxy S4 release date is not a month later.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 features a 5-inch 1080P HD display and a 13MP rear facing camera that can pair with the front facing camera using Dual-Shot mode to put the photographer in the photo or video. The Galaxy S4 features a number of sensors to allow users to interact with the phone using motion, gestures and eye-tracking.

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