Samsung Galaxy S3 Bug Could Cost You Money

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  1. mike

    It sounds like a stupid and direct advertise for Chrome…too bad guys! If it’s true, and I do not deny this as S3 owner, why I have a single, “guaranteed option”, to reduce my data trafic?!!! There are a lot of good options than using google products. I do not decline his products but they looks like pumped with steroids due to agresive advertising. There is enough place for everyone in this world, let’s respect this and not act like animals… and I think everyone must agree that competition is a challenge to improve our service and products.


  2. Otis

    Wondering how credible this could be. Also wondering if its S3 or S4 since they referenced both. Could use a proof reader.


  3. Mario

    I dont like Chrome stock browser is better for me.Never had an issue like this.


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