iOS 7 Features Skipping iPhone 4S, iPad 3 & More

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  1. SamDS

    i wonder what the new Siri will look like on iPad

    • mohammad

      I feel that it will be in full screen and the same design of the iphone siri

  2. krzystoff

    I love the new lock screen and the photo album app looks better than ICS; but the main UI screen is pretty much the same, aside from the annoying wipes and rolls that were popular on PCs about 8 years ago; parallax icons might be cool to look at, but none of those tweaks add functionality — where are the widgets, different-sized or live icons, instead of the bog-standard icons that quickly grow tired? this is the first serious update in 3 years, I was hoping for a little more.

  3. Mike Castillo
  4. varun chintu

    is new siri is available for ipad 3

  5. Taylor Alision Sweetly

    I think there not going to make a iPhone 5S. I think there just going update the iPhone 5 to ios 7 And see how many more iphone 5 people would buy with ios 7. Think 2014 there come out with a new phone

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