iPhone 5 Deals: Cheap iPhone 5 Sales for Summer 2013

iPhone 5 deals arrived in full force in June to welcome in Summer with cheap iPhone 5 sales at many retailers, knocking the price down to $0 in some cases and offering at least $50 in savings for anyone who wants to buy an iPhone 5.

Apple normally limits iPhone 5 deals, but the gloves are off this summer as Best Buy, Walmart, Sprint and AT&T are offering massive iPhone 5 deals to any customer who is willing to sign a two-year agreement.

These iPhone 5 deals arrive as upgrade offers are available for users that purchased the iPhone 4S at launch in 2011. It is still a few months before the contracts end, and a few months before we expect the iPhone 5S release, but AT&T and Verizon are offering early upgrades to iPhone owners.

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Savvy shoppers can check their iPhone 5 upgrade eligibility on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint to find out if they are eligible for a cheap iPhone 5 upgrade.

iPhone 5 Deals arrive for June 2013 with big savings.

iPhone 5 Deals arrive for June 2013 with big savings.


Most of these iPhone 5 deals will let users stay on their current carrier and support the early upgrade plans that let Verizon customers upgrade to a new iPhone 5 with 4 months left on their contract. This is the last time Verizon and AT&T customers will be able to take advantage of an early upgrade as both carriers are limiting this on new contracts.

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iPhone 5 deals for June 2013 are plentiful and we expect to see many of these renewed as iPhone 5 deals for July 2013 as carriers and retailers look to sell the iPhone 5 before a new iPhone 5S arrives and discounts hit the iPhone 5.

For most users, picking up one of these iPhone 5 deals will signal an end to unlimited data. Some customers are able to share an upgrade to another phone on the account, and use this alternative upgrade process to keep unlimited data and avoid paying full price for the iPhone 5. This is a deal all by itself, and one that will not likely mix with these deals.

The best iPhone 5 deals for summer 2013 offer a free iPhone 5 with a trade-in or an iPhone 5 for as low as $50.

The best iPhone 5 deals for summer 2013 offer a free iPhone 5 with a trade-in or an iPhone 5 for as low as $50.

Many of these iPhone 5 deals require users trade in their old iPhone or cell phone to get the best deal, but some are open to anyone willing to sign a two-year contract. Before trading an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S in at any of these retailers we suggest checking the value on Nextworth, Gazelle and Amazon Trade-In where users can get more money for an iPhone 4S.

Retailers aren’t offering iPhone 5 deals just to be nice. They know Apple is planning an iPhone 5S for the fall. We outline 5 reasons to wait for the iPhone 5S, and a counterpoint of why you shouldn’t wait for the iPhone 5S which users should read before picking up one of these iPhone 5 deals.

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The biggest reason to wait is a $100 price cut on the iPhone 5, but with iPhone 5 deals this good, many shoppers will find it tough to hold out for the rumored iPhone 5S.

$75 iPhone 5 Deal at AT&T

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AT&T offers a straight up $100 off the iPhone 5 for customers willing to sing a new two- year contract and a waived activation fee which is $130 in savings.

The deal is even better for users who are OK with buying a refurbished iPhone 5, which drops the price down to $75 for the 16GB iPhone 5.

The AT&T iPhone 5 deal is available online and in stores, and requires user trade in a smartphone that is 3-years old or newer and in good working condition.

From the looks of the program, users who buy this iPhone 5 deal online don't even need to trade an old phone in, just start the purchase from the trade in website.

Unlike other iPhone 5 deals, users do not need to trade in an iPhone to make this work, and that makes it a much better deal. Even if you have an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, it's worth asking a friend for an old Android phone, which is worth considerably less when traded in at reselling websites.


This iPhone 5 deal is available online and in-store at AT&T.

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