iOS 7 Beta 3 Brings Back Smart WiFi Feature & More

Apple just pushed the iOS 7 beta 3 release out to beta testers with bug fixes and new features for the upcoming IOS 7 release this fall including one that uses cellular data if a WiFi connection flakes.

The iOS 7 beta program offers a chance to try out iOS 7 ahead of the public release. The program is designed with app developers in mind, offering a chance to test the new features on an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch ahead of the official release.

iOS 7 beta 3 is not a final representation of the new iOS and it is possible that some of the features shown in the iOS 7 beta will not arrive and that Apple is keeping a few more secret.

The iOS 7 beta 3 release is now available with new features.
The iOS 7 beta 3 release is now available with new features.

Apple often adds and pulls features from iOS betas as it is testing new features, and it looks like iOS 7 beta 3 delivers a feature Apple pulled before the iOS 6 release last year.

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Any user that already has the iOS 7 beta installed on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can upgrade by opening Settings -> General Software Update -> Download and Install. This will download the update over WiFi to the device and install it without the need for a computer. The iOS 7 beta 3 file is large so the process could take 10-20 minutes.

Users who want to join the iOS 7 beta program can read these instructions on how to get the iOS 7 beta right now.

Wifi Plus Cellular is back in iOS 7 though there is no toggle to turn it on. The iOS 7 beta 3 release notes discuss  Cellular fallback, a feature that will use cellular data when a WiFi network is not working correctly. This is a handy feature for users who would otherwise see an error message when a cable modem goes offline. Apple offered this in an iOS 6 beta, but it was not part of the final release.

iOS 7 beta 3 adds the time on the lock screen while playing music.
iOS 7 beta 3 adds the time on the lock screen while playing music.

The lock screen now shows the time in the status bar while playing music with the iPhone locked. The previous method did not show the time while music was playing unless the user paused playback.

We are also seeing a number of new fonts and small design tweaks in the Weather app, in settings and design changes that make folders more transparent.

iOS 7 shows a new app installing interface.
iOS 7 shows a new app installing interface.

Users will also notice a new app downloading process that shows a small circle overlaid on the app. This replaces the status bar that used to scroll across the icon. The small dot below an app icon represents new apps in iOS 7. This is not new in the iOS 7 beta 3, but it does replace the new banner from iOS 6.1.

More iOS 7 beta 3 features coming as we discover them.


  1. One great thing I’ve noticed on beta 3 is the removal of 1x mode for blown up iPhone apps. On the iPad 2 at least, they are all blown up automatically and use the retina iPhone’s 960*640 resolution, meaning they no longer look pixelated on when blown up to that size. I had been waiting for such a change since Retina screens came out.

  2. still background goes black after closing any app…
    airplay not working in 4s….
    still apple rocks…..

  3. app crashes every time when i open it..(new apps after the update)
    find some solution to fix it….plzzzz

  4. Sankar.. Don’t beta test anything until you are aware of how betas work…

    Apple pushes the beta primarily for developers to test their apps on and fix any problems such as crashes or load errors…

    The problem lies with the developer of the apps, not apple.

  5. My wifi says its on when you drag the screen up but the wifi isn’t on and won’t let me turn it on from the settings

  6. Dots on days for events in calendar was brought back in beta 3 as well! (: But the feature where is scrolled directly to the first event on a selected day is gone :/

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