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  1. IOU812

    All I can say is B.S!!! Why don’t they have a iPad foldable ??? If a folding iPhone you may as well talk with an iPad too

    • ken

      Well, first and foremost, there is a way to make a foldable and rollable and flexible display. You can open your phone into a phablet, and open it further into a tablet. BUT there is no way to make it capitative just yet. The hinging issues are nearly solved, sure, but if you can’t interface with it (without making a glass layer overtop, and hinging that), then… there’s still no way to use it the way these people are in the video.
      Sure, I’m sure it’ll be neat to have your TV show up on your living room window shade (or lampshade for that matter), or the window itself as the TV… but until there is a way to interface with it directly, it won’t be used on a phone or tablet… but it’s coming.
      Capacitive has all but completely replaced resistive technology… there’s something in the pipeline for the flexi-screens and it’ll be in our hands within the next 5 years. :)

      • Max 88565362

        They can’t update operating system in timely manner. Now they will make flexible screens. How long before that screen breaks in half?

      • Max 88565362

        “5 years” That’s a long time. In 5 years not too many people will be able to afford an iPhone the way things are going in this country. Maybe Chinese.

    • chadleychad

      Have you never heard of the words ‘development’, ‘evolution’ …. and in your case, patience!

  2. Antony

    Absolutely lovn this concepts

  3. asRR

    This looks awesome.. n by the way when you un fold this concept model u do almost get the ipad feel

  4. Discharge

    I agree Larry it’s all BS!!! And just more problems and flaws!!

    • IOU812

      Nice name there discharge lol lol oh I’m IOU812 not Larry u got the wrong post there my friend!!! But thanks

    • The Gipper

      Whoever is out here doing all the complaining, I sure hope that they are contributing to the bettering of those products! Nothing is perfect! But if you aren’t the person who has the solution, stop complaining! You only hinder progress and bring chaos! Unnecessary!

  5. x

    if you think apple will be doing this anytime soob youre stupid.

    • Ed890

      If you think “soob” is a word, you’re stupid.

      • sox

        If u dont recognize a typo, u are worse than stupid

      • DUMBASS

        soob is a word look it up

  6. Grr

    No one showed it having touch capability. Theres money in working it out, so they will but it seems more limited at present than they lead on. They just wanted to be first to show it, it was fun to see though.

  7. Chris

    Again… another pathethic topic that i’ve seen. IOU812 is right. How come they didn’t make a bendy iPad then. These rumors are pathetic. The only iphone 5s and 5c rumors I believe right now are from DetroitBorg. All the pictures i’ve seen on google images and all the rumors make no sense. The one thing I will definitely say though is that that the 6 is going to be a phablet. Im 100% sure of it.

    • chadleychad

      You’re clearly an Apple user! The sort that is shown a technology but chooses to discredit it rather than embrace its future implications (as Apple once did when they developed the original iPhone and ipad!) I guess because no one from Apple has put on a black roll neck sweater or shirt and stood up on stage holding this product, you think it’s BS. Thank god you don’t work in product design!!!!

  8. Gucci

    You really think Apple will ever make a two in one product?? Seriously?? That means making less money from sheep, that will have both the iPhone and iPad,

    • Blah black

      Thank you, Gucci! I wish I could say that I’m surprised no one mentioned that sooner but it should’ve been a given that this concept would be taken seriously by the hoards of people waving apple’s overpriced garbage around.. But maybe I’m being a bit hasty. Maybe this is the future of their products but just left one tiny detail: ‘Each foldout section sold separately ($799 ea.)! And don’t worry about folding causing breakage because apple care can be purchased for each section ($300 ea.)!’ ‘And you say the sleek lines and unique features will make the physical and emotional pain from you raping me easier to hide too? Thanks apple!’

  9. Peter

    We need an ipad mini with call features

  10. toshiyosh

    Why do you keep churning out concept phones only to be disappointed in the end?
    I find this so idiotic. If you got nothing to say or know nothing of the next iphone, then dont write trash and write about something you do know factually.
    Do you seriously think the Apple is going to adopt your concepts? Dream on.

  11. Guest

    best idea ever. would replace my iPad mini with this any day.

  12. Jeremy

    Lol how would they make cases for that

    • Andrew

      why would you need a case when the screen can bend.

  13. Olivr Palr

    iphone 6 concepts and then you showed that ‘old’ samsung video of what the future of their mobile phones would look like.

  14. Jose Canseco

    OLED technology has been around for a while now… the display is no problem, it’s just a matter of adjusting the placement of the electronics to fold the right way.

  15. biggambit

    Just another Apple ploy they took what Samsung is doing with flex screens put their twist on it and now probably running to the patent office to claim rights I ask you who’s coping who.

    • Justin

      Actually, if I remember right, Apple has had a patent for willow glass device implementation (flexible glass) for quite a while now. Before Samsung in fact.

  16. Abe Renteria

    I love how Apple is trying to steal Samsung Flex idea lol,I’m sorry but Samsung will do it better I love their concepts better.

    • Saru Evan

      Apple is trying to steal Samsung Flex idea? The concept is not made by Apple and the Sansung concept isn’t made by Samsung either, it is extremely unlikely that this will even be a true product.

  17. Mentallect

    If Jobs was a live, a foldable iPhone might have been launched this September perhaps, but more than likely Apple would not want to cannibalize iPad Mini sales.

  18. pd1986

    This isnt a new idea… i live in japan and we already have a fold out phone to double the screen size… this is not an apple concept

  19. Epsicronic
  20. some internet dude

    Great concept, Android will be first to market with such devices. As for the old outdated iPhone good luck.

    Android rules.

  21. abcdefg

    I couldn’t read it to the end because I nearly chocked for how much I laughed
    Are u serious or just joking? There is no way this is even near the iphobe 6 maybe iphone 10?
    Its just like those pithatic vedios that show the concept of iphone 5 b efore its realease and they all were shocked
    Apple fans keep fooling your selves samsung is ths current leader in smart phones maybe if jobs was alive then there may have been a real competition between the 2 but now apple is doomed just living by its name

    • Jessica

      Wow. Can you spell? Do I need to get you one of those ‘human’ tests?

  22. sweetie1542

    hahahahhaha you will never see this type of inovation from apple anymore, may be in Steve jobs years, but not anymore.

  23. Bugfan1

    This is absolutely stupid. Apple better start doing some work at the drawing board. Jobs knew all about it & even helped design the Apple 1-phone 5. After that; Apple is starting to lose alot of their clout. If you don’t believe me; then you NEED to start reading about Apple’s problems. Android & Samsung are beating them hands down. BOTTOM LINE!!!!!

    • Steviant

      Funny you should mention bottom lines, I don’t see any other manufacturer making sustainable profits out of the mobile market.

      Even at the high end, Android manufacturers are locked into a race to the bottom against companies like ZTE and Huawei.

      The results are plain to see in the ever lowering build quality of flagship Android devices. No profit margin = flimsy devices, and bigger screens are just making the problem worse.

      Android’s name will be mud within a few years if Google cant find a way for manufacturers not to have their throats cut by ever more commoditised products that recieve less and less testing with each iteration.

      • Rodneytrutone

        Now this is why I buy apple😉 My nana got a huawei and it felt like it would break if I pressed it too hard against my ear 😨

  24. Wiwi

    It’s a great concept, except, this concept will kill iPad in the process.

  25. pop

    apple will never make this

  26. pop

    they only make what they believe is needed, besides this idea is cool but its not very enjoyable because its all flimsy

  27. James Payter

    Ha! This is more Samsung than Apple. Apple’s philosophy is to drip-feed underpowered, overpriced hardware that is a year behind its competitors.

  28. frederick denina

    Foldable idea is not durable. I just don’t think it’s durable.

    • Anon

      if that’s your opinion you should look up the molecular properties of graphene. It’s pure carbon arranged in a hex grid, incredibly strong, flexible, and it even holds a charge. They’ll use it for the bendy parts of the screen and it would probably be more durable than the gorilla glass phones use today. exciting stuff, man.

  29. Filipe

    Excuse me guy in the video, but that’s a lie… It’s not thanks to samsung technology that OLEDs are now flexible… OLEDs have been flexible for the last 10 years that they’ve been commercially available… so it’s not thanks to samsung -.-

  30. Jessica

    I think all of these “leading competitors” are just pieces of junk. They don’t feel like they need to innovate anymore because they aren’t worried about getting people to buy because people have already bought and feel ‘safe’ with that brand so that’s all that they buy. I refuse to be like everyone else and say this is cool. Honestly, this crap is a piece of junk, all of it, not just ipads and iphones. They only fix one problem then sell that item, fix another, sell again, etc. Boo all of these ‘main’ companies for ‘leading’ technology……..

  31. meyou

    as if they would hurt their own sales by making their ipads obsolete, thats stupid in their eyes.

  32. dfygbhgbvcd

    always fake concepts roll over internet……………………………………..

  33. Omar

    LMAO Why are You Guys fighting its just rumors if they do great . Regardless what they bring to the table their will be redicukles lines for it lol. I just hope they could Come out with a new fresh design. Something out of the box iPhone 4,5, same shit different toilet .

  34. Omar

    Anything is Possible , For crying out loud We can Travel out this world if we can do that anything is possible but whats the purpose of flexing screen .

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