Samsung Galaxy S4 Rokform RokBed v3 Case Review

A good rugged case like the Rokform RokBed v3 case goes a long way in protecting the Samsung Galaxy S4. Some people need more than a simple slide on or snap on case. They don’t need something like an Otterbox, because it’s overkill. The Rokform Rokbed v3 might fit that middle ground perfectly thanks to it’s hard plastic exterior and shock absorbing inner lining.

Rokform also sells a bundled package with the case and mounting system ($55). It includes colorful non-skit rubber inserts that keep the phone in place on slick surfaces, like a glass desk or slippery tables, while adding color to the white, black or gray case. Other accessories make this case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 a versatile accessory.

rokform rockbed v3 case for samsung galaxy s4

Rokform calls the Rokbed v3 S4 Case ($34.95 for case alone) “shock-proof,” and we see why. The hard exterior made of high-impact polycarbonate keeps the phone from cracking during most typical falls that happen while standing, or pulling the phone out of a pocket. We like that the two-piece slide on case includes a lock that clasps the two pieces together so they won’t come apart easily, but still give away on impact to absorb some of the energy form a fall.

Rokform Rokbed v3 two part


Watch the company’s marketing demo below:

The case comes with an easy-stick mount that adheres to a flat surface, like the dash of a car. Snap the opening on the back of the case over the mount and twist to lock it into place. We’re not crazy about using adhesive anything to mount things in our car, but we tested it and it worked fine. With some effort the mount will come off, but not without trying.

Rokform Rokbed v3 mounting system

On the back there’s a non-skid area that keeps the case and phone in place on a slick surface, like our glass desktop. Uses can swap in a non-skid part that includes a magnet for $10 extra.


rokbed v3 case grip insert with magnet

The bundle mentioned above comes with different color grips and an adhesive mount and magnet. This lets the user mount the case/phone on a magnetic surface or using the adhesive mount. We preferred the magnet. See how it grabs the side of a dorm fridge that we hung it on in the image below. Choose the magnetic car mounting system for another $16 instead of the one that twists to lock into place seen above.

rockbed v3 hanging on dorm fridge

Like most cases, the cutouts give access to all buttons and ports without issue.

rockform rockbed v3 bottom back

It doesn’t cover the screen, so get a screen protector, like the SEDIO Vitreo, which we love.

rockform rockbed v3 mounted in a car

Rokform, makers of one of our favorite docks for the Samsung Galaxy S4, makes a decent case. We don’t like how slick it feels while holding it. This could make users nervous about dropping the phone a lot. People who like smooth cases will not find that annoying and will probably really like the Rokform Rokbed v3.

front of rockform rockbed v3


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