iPhone 6 Concept Delivers Stunning Display In a Small Package

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  1. jani2 (@jani216)

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  2. Larry

    This is fake!!! Apple won’t let u know till a week before a launch looks impressive but I think it’s photoshop pictured??

    • Paul

      Of course it’s a fake. It says so in the title of the article. “CONCEPT” it means it’s someone’s idea. It’s someone’s concept of what the iPhone 6 would look like.

    • Zak

      Of course dumbass. Its a “fan” made iPhone 6 CONCEPT! IE THIS PERSONS IDEA OF THE IPHONE 6

  3. Paul

    Of course it’s a fake. It says so in the title of the article. “CONCEPT” it means it’s someone’s idea. It’s someone’s conception of what the iPhone 6 would look like.

    • Larry

      Thank you Paul but it looks nice that’s all i will give it. After all the years apple should be past this!! All the $$ and tech they have, it’s a shame, if Steve jobs was here I think he may would have done this with the curren ip 5?? They did make its bigger but Tim cook I think was scared and did not want to go all the way?? Steve would have to keep apple ahead! But we will see in a few months????and I hope they do!!

      • Brenna Marie

        I couldn’t agree with you more Larry!!! I’m just so frustrated with Apple right now – the iPhone 6 concepts should
        be presented (as the 5S) this Sept NOT deep into 2014. They’re behind the eightball big time! Disappointed & at a loss of what move to make until 6 is available … Losing faith.

  4. xgman

    What if, what should, but more likely not . . .

  5. Austin

    retina display falling behind? lol. who wrote this crap. iphone has the nicest screen, and they won’t make the phone larger like many are saying because thats not what iphone users want, They also wont put the screens this far to the side because people hold the phone there and would constatly be touching the screen.

    • chadleychad

      The iPhone screen is nice yes, but as soon as you stop being a biggot to Apple (and brainwashed by the whole Apple phenomenon) and hold a Galaxy S4 side by side, and put the S4 in your pocket and see its not such a burden as everyone purports, then things change.

      This is exactly what I did and despite the fact i own and love several ipads and imacs, I’m now kicking myself for not changing to Android years ago. The OS is a JOY to use … I haven’t put my S4 down for weeks, tweaking, moving things around discovering new features (such as the ability to stream video and images straight from my phone to any smart tv, no Apple TV required!) … It has really made me realise how limited the iPhone is, both in operating system and spec.

      You say what iPhone users want but since when have Apple EVER listened to what users want. Don’t you think iPhone users would be dancing in the streets if Apple gave then SD expansion capabilities so they’d save a fortune on memory, wireless charging because it is a great feature (IMO) … and if apple were to bring out a 4.5″ or 5″ model, are you telling me it wouldn’t sell or people wouldn’t behold it as the greatest thing ever developed in the history of mobile telecommunications! Come on Austin, get your head out the clouds … Apple tell people what they want, need and don’t need, with Android, users can now buy a handset that does suit their needs.

      I suggest you go into your local phone store and just for a minute, forget Apple and look at what the competition are offering. Look at the Note 3 and what it can do, move to the S4, the S4 mini, the HTC One, spend some time playing with the features … Then go back to your iPhone and see how small it looks, how there is nothing you can do to change the appearance of your phone thee than move folders … No widgets, no multiple home screens, no beautiful 5″ screen to view your photos on.

      Give it a go this weekend …. Or be brave like me, buy a second hand S3 for under £180, have a play around, no like, sell, like … Upgrade to the S4 and never look back!

  6. Larry

    The ezperia z has 1900 by 1100 pixel reselution iPhone 5 only 1100 by 640 iPhone lags on screen Austin and most phones the last 2 years have 1900 by 1100 res, same as galaxy s3 and s4 and 13 mp cam iPhone lags 8 mp.. Ya apples laggen there dude read specs on most newer devices with in the last 2 years and they had passed apple already, wow a 4 inch ip 5 screen that was 5 years ago seen on phones!! So apple is behind there dude!! And now some had water resistant my Sony experia z does and I video underwater gee apple you sweat it dies!! The galaxy active is water res also and probably more too

    • Sam

      Theres a reason why iphone 5 only has 1100 by 640 its because u cant tell the difference if it gets any higher. Hence the name “retina display” and theres a lot more to a camera on a phone then mp

      • chadleychad

        It’s a fantastic 4″ screen. Trouble is, the S4 (and other such phones) have fantastic 5″ screens!

        The problem is, iPhone users, believing the hype of retina, never look at competitor phones. If they did, they would suddenly see how screens such as the S5 are not only bigger and much more enjoyable to use, they’d also realise the quality is in fact the same or far superior. Not as good a screen as Apple …. sorry, that’s not been the case for some time now!

  7. larry

    if you look close it looks like a cardboard cut out lol

  8. Brittany

    It looks very nice, but like someone else might have said, it is a concept. I will be going down the android route for now, but when my plan expires in 2015 who knows? I may be willing to try something new.

  9. bruce

    I doubt this concept ever becomes real. Having a phone without a Bessel would cause you to constantly hit the screen when a just holding the phone in your hands. If there is any technology I’m unaware of that would prevent this please inform me.

    • Nigel

      It could still have the edge to edge for viewing purposes but not necessarily having touch active areas on the side to negate accidentally touching it, simples!

    • Graham

      The iPad Mini has a very thin bezel and Apple addressed the accidental touch issue by adding multitouch awareness to its OS. Your finger or hand can be accidentally touching the edge of the screen while you hold the device, and the screen will still respond appropriately to input from your other hand while ignoring touches to the side of the screen. This concept phone could in theory take advantage of the same multitouch logic while still enabling the user to control the device with purposeful touches to the sides (e.g. tapping the sides to change the volume).

  10. Peter Smith

    This concept is really far fetched too. There is no way that apple could make graphene screens for all of their products. It’s easier to make diamond screens than graphene ones.

    • Nigel

      You can get graphene paint though, it is right next to the tartan paint and buckets’ of benzene rings

  11. chadleychad

    Despite all their money and all those brains, Apple lost its desire to be innovative and a leader in the field a LONG time ago! I think these designs also highlight the hot air surrounding Jonny Ive, because let’s face it, it’s not as if his designs have been anything better than many of the design concepts I’ve seen on the web, including this beauty. Look at his latest IOS attempt … Says it all really! This is a beautiful design; and as such, I have confidence it’ll never see the light of day. I think Johnny Plaid needs to knock on Samsungs door – they have the desire, perhaps all they need is a westerner to say ‘hey, this is what we westerners want’

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