iPhone 5S Video: Release Date & Rumor Roundup

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Apple will likely show off the iPhone 5S in several weeks, and as we approach the rumored iPhone 5S release date we’ve put together an iPhone 5S video sharing the latest rumors and leaks.

The iPhone 5S is likely the new Apple iPhone for 2013, pushing the iPhone 6 to 2014 with a fresh new design. But that doesn’t mean the iPhone 5S won’t bring anything new to the table.

As a incremental upgrade we can expect a new camera, better performance and possibly better battery life to go along with a fingerprint reader in the home button and special iOS 7 features. The iPhone 5S will arrive with iOS 7 on board, and should come days after a general iOS 7 release to older devices.

Everything we think we know about the iPhone 5S.

Everything we think we know about the iPhone 5S.

Buyers that are looking for a new iPhone this summer or fall should take note of the iPhone 5S, and what it could do to the price of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. It’s also time to say goodbye to the iPhone 4, which is likely getting its last update to iOS 7 and doesn’t have much time left on store shelves.

As we move into the fall and approach the iPhone 5S release date, Apple faces increased competition from the LG G2 which arrives this week, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which launches on September 4th and Motorola devices like the Moto X, Droid Ultra and Droid Maxx which will go on sale in late August and early September.

Here are the latest iPhone 5S rumors in a four-minute video summary.

iPhone 5S Video: Rumor Roundup

While we’ve yet to see a leaked iPhone 5S video, we’ve rounded up the latest iPhone 5S release date rumors and iPhone 5S leaks into a four-minute video that will get you up to speed on the iPhone 5S, and what to expect this fall.

iPhone 5S Display Rumors

The iPhone 5S display should look the same, but it could be a better overall screen that is more battery friendly. Based on statements made by Tim Cook, Apple doesn’t appear to be on the cusp of launching a larger screen on the new Apple iPhone for 2013.

Expect an iPhone 5S display that measures 4-inches and uses the same Retina Display resolution.

Expect an iPhone 5S display that measures 4-inches and uses the same Retina Display resolution.

Expect an iPhone 5S with a 4-inch display and the same 1136 x 640 Retina Display. One rumor suggests the iPhone 5S will include a Sharp IGZO display which could help deliver better battery life and a better touch experience. It’s not clear if this rumor will come to life.

iPhone 5S Design Rumors

The iPhone 5S design will look almost exactly like the iPhone 5, right down to the black and white options, according to the latest leaks. Rumors of an iPhone 5S in colors are still floating around, but we could see Apple keep the colors for the iPhone 5C, a plastic iPhone model.

Look for a similar design to the iPhone 5S.

Look for a similar design to the iPhone 5.

The Moto X is upping the game when it comes to smartphone personalization, which could help push Apple in the direction of offering an iPhone 5S in multiple colors, but it’s still an outlier in our minds, especially at launch.

Look for an iPhone 5S that matches the iPhone 5 dimensions, which means most iPhone 5 cases should fit the iPhone 5S. That is unless the rumored pill-shaped flash is too close to the edges.

iPhone 5S Camera Rumors

We could see a new 12-13MP camera on the back alongside a pill-shaped dual-LED flash. The new sensor is reportedly aimed at better low-light photography and a dual-LED flash could help shots where the user relies on the flash, even though it’s not likely on par with a Xenon flash like that found on the Nokia Lumia 928.

Expect a better camera and a new dual-LED flash.

Expect a better camera and a new dual-LED flash.

The iOS 7 update brings a new camera app to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S that ads filters, pinch to zoom in video and a new square photo option, but no revolutionary features like HTC and Samsung are focused on.

iPhone 5S Fingerprint Reader Rumors

Apple could include a fingerprint reader in the iPhone 5S for added security and easy unlocking. The iOS 7 beta 4 release included a biometric toolkit snippet that included a note to add a image of an iPhone being unlocked with a finger on the home button.

We could see a fingerprint reader in the iPhone 5S home button.

We could see a fingerprint reader in the iPhone 5S home button.

While there are no leaked parts pointing to this. Apple is generally good at keeping the very special part of a new iPhone release hidden away, so it’s not time to rule out a fingerprint reader on the iPhone 5S just yet. An Apple patent points to a fingerprint sensor underneath the display, but that may be further off.

iPhone 5S Performance & Battery Life Rumors

The iOS 7 beta code revealed that the iPhone 5S will likely use a Samsung made Apple A7 processor that will likely deliver better performance to deal with iOS 7 animations, gaming and general use.


Apple could optimize the A7 processor for better battery life.

Apple could optimize the A7 processor for better battery life.

There is hope that Apple is able to leverage the same type of power efficiencies form the new MacBook Air to deliver vastly improved iPhone 5S battery life. The new MacBook Air lasts 12 or more hours on a single charge without the need for a larger design.

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iOS 7 on the iPhone 5S

The new Apple iPhone will run iOS 7 out of the box. The iOS 7 beta 5 release arrived this week, paving the way for multiple betas in August, making way for an iOS 7 release in September. In addition to delivering a completely new look, the iOS 7 release brings over 50 features users will actually care about and use.

Keep an eye open for a special iOS 7 iPhone 5S feature, which could be offline access to dictation, which could speed things up and deliver a better experience as well as make Siri faster for some requests. It may also be tied into the rumored iPhone 5S fingerprint reader.

iPhone 5S Release Date & Name

It’s not the iPhone 6. If you‘re expecting an iPhone 6 release in 2013, you’re in for disappointment. Look for Apple to deliver an iPhone 5S as an incremental upgrade and save a completely new iPhone 6 for 2014.

Look for an iPhone 5S release in September, as Apple arrives on the scene to take on the Galaxy Note 3 and other phones launching at IFA 2013 in September as well as the Moto X and LG G2 which could arrive in late august.

Look for the iPhone 5S release date in mid-to-late September.

Look for the iPhone 5S release date in mid-to-late September.

Apple’s earnings point to a possible iPhone 5S release in the third week of September to let Apple cash in on millions of iPhone 5S pre-orders before the end of Apple’s last quarter of 2013.

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If this is the plan, we could see the iPhone 5S release land on Friday September 20th, which allows for a full weekend of iPhone 5S sales before Apple Q4 2013 ends on September 28th.

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