7 Tools to Make Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Last All Day

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  1. lynnette

    My s4 battery life is just awful. I went with a few of the options. I got the extended battery which is wonderful I got mine from zero lemon and it’s great EXCEPT it adds so much bulk. So I bought a external changer from new trent which is wonderful! I got the arcadia 740 and it gives me at least 4 good fast charges before I have to charge it. Its a shame the device does not come with a better battery but these solutions do work very well.

  2. Kath

    Bought my S4 August 7th. The battery lasted two or three days in the beginning with lots of usage during the learning phase. This week it doesn’t even last the day even with minimal usage and all the recommended tweaks for power saving. Argh! If needed this phone for business I would be out of luck.

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