Xbox One Release Date: Release Window Narrows

The Xbox One release date is still up in the air, but thanks to two important events in November, it looks like Microsoft could be eyeing a Xbox One release late in the month.

A later Xbox One release date would mean ceding an early launch to Sony, but a release within the next two weeks wouldn’t put Microsoft behind the eight ball.

Sony announced the PS4 release date of November 15th, a date Microsoft will now likely avoid.

Microsoft already confirmed a Xbox One release date in November, but failed to give a firm date. With the PS4 release date firmly in the center of the month and Black Friday on November 29th, we now have a date range for the most likely Xbox One release.

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The Xbox One release date window narrows to between the PS4 release date and Black Friday.
The Xbox One release date window narrows to between the PS4 release date and Black Friday.

These two dates point to an Xbox One release window between November 18th and November 27th.

While it is always possible to deliver the Xbox One after Black Friday, this would mean skipping the de-facto kick off of holiday shopping. We won’t likely see many Xbox One deals on Black Friday, but we could see retailers use Xbox One bundles to lure shoppers in on Black Friday, especially if the console is tough to find in stores.

By arriving between the PS4 release date and Black Friday, Microsoft can satisfy Day One demand, offer bundles and door busters on Black Friday and restock for Holiday sales through December.

According to Kotaku, the Xbox One release date could also be influenced by the Watch Dogs release date set for November 19th.  Microsoft confirmed that Watch Dogs is a Xbox One release day title, so the Xbox One either needs to come out on November 19th, or the Xbox One Watch Dogs version would need to arrive early.

Of course it is possible that Microsoft considers any game coming out within a week of the release to be a Day One title.

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The Xbox One is Microsoft’s new console which replaces the Xbox 360 as the company’s new flagship console. Microsoft will still sell the Xbox 360 which will continue to get new games like GTA 5, but look for a focus to shift to the Xbox One this holiday season and into 2014.


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    • I was thinking the same date of maybe November 5th that’s when ghosts is released which is an exclusive Xbox One…day one. Wouldn’t make sense to release ghosts on 360 and make Xbox One customers wait. I have been set on November 5th since the reveal so I agree with you. I’m thinking they will announce the date the last day in Germany…or shortly after and shock PS4.

      • same hear .. i own both current gen.. and im only buying one next gen and wow , these playstation kids are really annoying me.. and i love the community on xboxlive… so i think im cancelling my ps4 order.. xboxone for me, i love multiplayer and ps has none..

      • you let people dictate what system your buying? Like xbox Live has the most mature kids? only 13-14 year olds that don’t know better are gonna buy the Brink Box. Enjoy your potential restricted system.

  2. i wanna know why Watch Dogs has anything to do with Xbox one launch date. its a cool looking game but you would think COD:Ghosts would be the “bigger” launch title. I think they launch the X1 a week b4 PS4

  3. Xbox one day one out November One … Great marketing strategy … N my bday lol but really feel like that’s the best marketing tool .. n a two week jump on ps3.5 n plenty of time to re stock for black friday …

  4. i was saying the same to my mates why release the games for xbox one on november 5th and not the console. hey look i got forza 5 but i cant play it because the xbox one isn’t out for another 2 wks lol. i hope it is the 5th as any longer than that and ill crack up he he. :D

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