Apple & Verizon Reportedly Prepare for Busy iPhone 5S Release Date

Verizon and Apple are preparing for an iPhone 5S release date near September 20th according to new reports which claim the carrier and iPhone maker are limiting vacation for employees during late September to keep all hands on deck for a major launch.

Apple is reportedly planning an iPhone 5S event on September 10th where we should see the new iPhone officially for the first time. While the new iPhone 5S should look a lot like the iPhone 5 according to leaked videos and photos, nothing is set in stone until Apple announces it.

Assuming Apple sends event invites for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C event on the 10th, the iPhone 5S release date should land about a week and a half later, near the 20th.

Earlier this week T-Mobile reportedly limited vacation days for employees and a new report from 9to5Mac claims that Verizon is now limiting employee vacations from September 18th through September 22nd.

Apple support staff and Verizon employees are reportedly on restricted vacation schedules for the iPhone 5S release date timeframe.
Apple support staff and Verizon employees are reportedly on restricted vacation schedules for the iPhone 5S release date timeframe.


Additionally AppleInsider claims Apple support staff are not able to take vacations between September 15th and 28th to be in hand for the iPhone 5S release and the iOS 7 release date. This internal information comes just after a leak claimed AppleCare support staff are finishing training to answer questions about the new iOS 7 features and design.

All of this information is further support of the iPhone 5S release date we anticipate will fall on Friday September 20th.

We talked to multiple Verizon sources who could not confirm the Vacation blackout, but one of the sources told us that it sounded plausible.

Apple Stores and carriers typically staff stores with more than the average number of employees for an iPhone release. During the iPhone 5 release, stores opened two hours early and some carrier locations opened their doors with twice the usual number of employees on hand.

9to5Mac also reports that there is limited stock of the iPhone 5 in 32GB and 64GB quantities at some Verizon stores. Apple is known for reducing inventory at retailers ahead of new product launches and when Apple moves to a new iPhone model it typically stops selling the higher capacity models.


For example Apple only sells the 16GB iPhone 4S and the 8GB iPhone 4 currently. When the iPhone 5S release arrives, we expect Apple and carriers will no longer sell the iPhone 4, and will discount the other iPhone models. Some rumors claim the iPhone 5C will replace the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5 in Apple’s lineup at carriers in the U.S.

Other retailers like Walmart are already dropping the price of the iPhone 5 down to $98, which is in line with where it will likely be after the iPhone 5S.

The iPhone 5S will likely come with a dual-LED flash that could help take more natural looking photos and a fingerprint sensor to secure the device. Leaks show an iPhone 5S that looks similar to the iPhone 5, but in a new gold or champagne color that could mark the first time Apple offered a third iPhone color option. Some rumors hint at a larger 128GB storage option as well.

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  1. Can’t wait for Apple to show me the same phone as last year in a different color. And a slight boost in spec that’s already behind in today’s technology. With the screen size that’s no longer consider ideal. And a map that got me lost over and over again. Ios 7 new features had been seen on Android phones many moon ago. Live wall paper is so yesterday. Live weather apps was on my htc desire 4 years ago. Multitasking finally on the iPhone in 2013, really? “Innovation my ass” literally my ass. Finger print scanner, Umm not needed at all. Retina display, barely 720p, when 1080p is the norm these days. And other companies didn’t even make a big fuss about it, like making up a name for it, like apple did with their ‘Retina’ display. Where ur eyes can’t distinguish between pixels after 300ppi.

    • LOL….why the hell are you so mad? If you think your Android is a good phone and you like the large screen…what’s your beef with the iPhone? Why do Android owners seem to be pissed about what the iPhone lacks? I don’t get it.

      • Why is he so pissed? I guess he thought his iPhone is suppose to be ‘light years ahead’ of other smart phone, And not the other way around. Just my thoughts

    • Personally, I don’t think they need to have an event for it. I mean what’s the point to have an event to show off the same phone with yesterday’s technology.
      I really hope they fix the map, Bc it got my whole family lost last year in a big city. It just shows u that they will don’t give a shit about their customers.
      Apple is getting lamer n lamer every year. Thinking they’re the best stuff in that happened in the planet. Arrogant, narcissist, to thinking like that. Knowing that their loyal customers will support them no matter what they produce. That is just wrong!
      Guess what Apple, we had enough of ur crab. And my whole family is too. We rather use flip phones then ur phone.

      • Apple is a very smart company. They sell u last year technology in a cute box. And people will be lining up to buy it.

    • I bought my iPhone 5 earlier this year and I must say that I am totally disappointed. My 2 year old Android is far more advanced than iPhone 5. I miss the useful features that you mentioned such as cursor keys and better use of pinch to zoom. Another thing I hate about iPhone is how you have to individually go in and turn off the sound for each notification and then turn the sound off on texts/ phone calls when you don’t want to be disturbed when on an Android when you put your phone on vibrate every app/ feature automatically goes on vibrate without having to change the settings on every single thing! Ughh that is so annoying. While I’m at it, I also hate that my alarm sound won’t go off if I have my ringer on vibrate. Why? I don’t want to hear my phone ringing in the middle of night when I have to get up early in the morning. When I first got this phone, I overslept everyday for like a week straight because I would turn my phone on vibrate then when my alarm went off, I wouldn’t hear it. These seem like pretty simple features… I don’t understand why a device that is supposedly so technologically advanced does not include them.

  2. I feel ur pain girl! Maybe apple didn’t on purpose to turn ur alarm off too, so u can sleep longer. That’s the only explanation that I have now. Bc they r supposedly be” light years ahead “

    • Wtf apple? The same shit again? I’m fed up with this S shit. I’m giving up on iPhone., I just had enough. Enough is enough. I’d been so loyal to u and this is what I get, a cheaper version iphone? I buy iphone to symbolizes quality and statics. Now Joe dirt on welfare can afford one. I can just imagine a bum sitting on the street begging for money and using a iphone 5C. That’s so freaking lame

      • LoL…. Who buys a phone to symbolize quality or “status”??? You’re stupid!! Anybody can afford a phone. Bums already have iPhone 9’s ha ha lol! Go by a watch or something…Americans these days are hilarious!! Here’s a tip for you, never be loyal to anyone or a corporation who doesn’t care about your opinion. They can give a shit if you are upset. They will have a million bum customers to replace your distaste. Go to android now!!

          • Lol I know of the vertu, I played with one in Vegas. Not very impressed with that status symbol. A status symbol doesn’t require you to tell people, “hey I have six thousand dollar phone, look at me answer it”. A status symbol speaks all by itself!

        • Well that comment is quite silly. Who buys a phone for status? I would say a hell of a lot! Some people buy a simple phone Bc they want convenience. While they’re people who buys smart phones, but have no idea how to use its features and don’t want to learn either. And they’re people with money who customized their phones with gold plated n diamonds, gems, Ruby, etc. If u search for what celebrity and look at their phones. I bet most of them got a very trick out phones, with lots of blings on it.

        • And they’re those who use their phones like a work horse and appreciate the features and build quality in side.

      • you bought the iPhone and now you have static? Have you tried switching carriers??? Phones don’t show status. Sounds like you saved all your pennies to be cool and it’s still not working! Maybe you should join a gym if you wanna look cool?

        • Or maybe change his name to cheddar Sanchez. Is that the best u can come up with, joining a gym to look cool, really?

      • Maybe u should swap number with the bum to talk or text about how great it is to have a iphone. Just a thought for you!

  3. You know your doing good when everyone hates you lol and everyone’s still gonna buy the iphone 5s so why speak negative about it? Android trolls lmao

    • Ummmm the main reason why they make a cheap iphone is to compete in other countries. Only in USA iphone stay strong in sales. Where the rest of the world are Android users. Their stocks lost almost half it’s value and in quarter 3 last year they had to cut their supplies short for their iPhone 5. Iphone brings in over half of apples revenues. Samsung S3 outsold iphone last year in the states, and that’s just one Android phone.
      So what does that tells u? It mean people are getting smarter on technology. And therefore knows better.

  4. Would love to know why all these people who don’t like apple and their products REPEATEDLY comment on these threads?? At the end of the day it all comes down to taste, are there threads discussing different brands of cereal? (I’m soo disappointed with Kellogg’s new design, I’ve been faithful to you for so long, sob) yawn it’s boring, post elsewhere!!!

    • Nobody asking for ur opinion or comment. I want to know also what others or thinking and experiencing. Bc I also have mix feelings on iPhone. Bc Ultimately is my money if I should upgrade to this new iPhone. And stay with it for 2 years. That’s a very long time to stay with a phone if u r not happy with it. In these days of information, ignorance is a choice. Also, what a bad comparison to cereal, really? I spend more time on my phone then any device I have, including my laptop. And the last thing I use my phone for calls. With cereal, if I don’t like it then I just buy another brand no biggie. But I can’t do that with a phone unless you got more money then brains. So please don’t make childish comparison. Ty!

  5. It’s true, Apple need to step up their game. I’d owned all generation iphone. I tried my wife’s htc one for a month straight and I hate to say it, but it’s a much much better experience. Android has come a long way. It is very smooth and fluent. And the customization is insane. Google search is much better then siri. I gotta say that if the iPhone 5s gets a increment increase, then I’m moving on to android. Sry apple!

    • ive had tried my sisters s4 anz its the same thing as the s3 i like my iphone 5 but they need a bigger screen!

  6. Also with android, there r soooo many phones available. From Samsung, htc, Sony, Nokia, etc. It’s crazy. There’s a phone for any one

  7. I bet if Android make one phone a year, then it’s probably be a huge difference. Apple should let other phone maker, like htc or Sony to make phones for their ios also. I really like the htc one tho. It’s Cool as hell! I wish my iPhone look like that. Same size and spec. But I got the iPhone 5 before the htc one came out. O well, I guess I just wait till my contact end next year

  8. Iphonesheep, You write in English like the conquered little colonial subject that you are. Now be a good little Coolie & bring me my tea, fold my laundry & get off the Occidental world’s inventions.

    • I don’t see how he got pwnd. But he does have a point tho. You can have one too, if u got any. I think u just got pwnd now

          • I ran out of butter but can I borrow some from u. Cus I know apple sheep’s has a lot of butter.

          • Omg shut ur hole! And shove that istone up ur arse. Iphone is garbage compare to what’s out there these days. They selling u the same phone as last year and a cheaper version iphone. Instead of making more variety in size n design, they r making cheaper version of it. Just so they can compete in other countries. What does that tells u? As long as they have isheeps like u, then they will nv improve their products. They r worry more about getting more customers then ur needs. So stop suckin those apple juice

          • I do notice that the biggest tech reviewers on YouTube ( solderknowsbest, marquis, phonedog, phone arena, etc) all switch to android tho.

    • I think he is so clever for him to come up with that name. Iphone sheep definitely got pwnd Lmfao. He is using psychology on your iPhone sheep’s idiot, n u didn’t even catch on. You said it yourself “iphone sheep’s got pwnd” hahahahhahahahahaha stupid iphone sheep’s!!

    • Iphone sheep got pwnd, finally someone notice! I just wanna make one iphone sheep say something like that or to that effect. Ty so much for saying iphone sheep got pwnd Lmao. Till next time, bye

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