How To Customize the HTC One Lockscreen

By shipping the HTC One with Android 4.1 and the Sense 5 UI, HTC was able to craft a software experience that’s light-years away from what other Android users get. Unfortunately, that also means that HTC One users can’t add some of the great lock screen widgets that are available with Android 4.2.2. Thankfully Sense 5 does enable some customization options for the lockscreen, itself.

Here’s how to customize the HTC One lockscreen:


Unlock your HTC One by dragging the lock icon on your device’s dock from the bottom to the top of the screen.

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From your device’s BlinkFeed screen, pull down slightly the first item slightly to reveal a hidden menu.



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Tap the three dots icon on the right side of the menu.

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Tap Settings from the Menu. It’s the third option, just underneath Customize Home Screen and topics and services.

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Tap personalize inside the Settings menu.

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Tap Lock screen style. It’s the second from the top menu item.

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Browse the selection of lockscreen styles by swiping from left to right. By default your HTC One will show off a picture of your choosing using the Wallpaper lockscreen. The selection of HTC One lock screens includes:


Productivity – a way of getting your latest messages, calls and emails
Photo album – for showcasing different photos taken with the device
Music – a setting that allows users to browse and control their device’s music playback without having to open the Music app

Simply tap a lockscreen to enable it.

There’s also an option to simply disable the lockscreen altogether, so that users can quickly access their device’s apps. Although you can turn off lockscreens, it’s generally recommended that you don’t, since doing so could put your information at risk.

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Tap Settings to customize each lockscreen style’s options. While Wallpaper, Productivity and Photo Album do allow you to customize what they display on the lockscreen, Music does not.

Tapping the Settings option for the Wallpaper lockscreen allows you to choose between whether you want to use the picture that is set as your wallpaper, or specify a different one that is specifically for your lockscreen.

Tapping the Settings option for the Productivity lockscreen enables the user to choose what types of information are surfaced on the lockscreen. Users can choose between enabling and disabling notifications for calls, messages, mail, and calendar events.

Finally, Photo’s settings allows you to select the albums that are allowed to surface pictures on the Photo Album lockscreen.

You’ve just customized the lockscreen on the HTC One. While the Sense 5 UI and Android 4.1 don’t allow you to install lockscreen widgets like Android 4.2, it’s still useful to be able to showcase the things you want on a screen that you’ll likely see a lot of during your time with the device.