Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Accessories Revealed

Today Samsung announced some new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Accessories along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phablet smart phone. Here we offer all the options and accessories users can get with the new smart phone.

In our run down of options and accessories we’ll show off the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch, the S View cover, Flip Cover and other cases they’ll offer in a number of color options available on the phone.

Users will have to wait till October to enjoy the phone and these accessories.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

samsung galaxy gear smartwatch



We learned about the much awaited Samsung Galaxy Gear along with the Galaxy Note 3. It will work with the Note 3 and other Samsung Galaxy smart phones. The smartwatch connects to the phone via bluetooth.

Users can receive and make calls without taking their phone out. It connects and sends the voice from the call and to the call. One can use it for S-Voice commands.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Covers

Galaxy Note3 S-view Cover_005_Front set

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with a cover called the S View cover that lets users use their phones without even opening the cover. They will come in colors matching the huge array of phone colors. One of them includes a cutout where users can see important details like the time, caller ID or text messages. Flip it open and the phone wakes up. Close it and it goes to sleep and shows the limited data. The cover also protects the phone from scratches while in a pocket.

samsung galaxy note 3 flip cover


The Flip Cover doesn’t offer the opening, and likely will cost less, much like the Note 2 covers.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Accessories Flip CoverWe also learned about some hard covers designed by Moschino in bright and shiny metalic colors. The colors include electric red, metalic orange, glittery green, satin yellow, chrome gray and midnight blue. Samsung seems to want to make a phone for every outfit with more color options than almost any other phone.

samsung galaxy note 3 special colors


Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen

The Samsung Galaxy Note’s S Pen comes with the phone, but functions like an accessory, making inking easy on the phablet. The S Pen fits into a silo on the phone. Take it out and create beautiful drawings, intricate diagrams and write more accurately than typical passive touch styli.

Samsung includes a function called Air Command that makes the pen useful no matter what app the user runs. Tap and hold to see all the functions it performs.

samsung galaxy note 3 s pen

The announcement described the new S Pen as having “heft, but not weight.” Users can also get replacements in case they lose theirs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Color Options

samsung galaxy note 3 color options
Samsung announced a slew of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 color options.

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will come in a bunch of colorful options. Users can get the Note 3 in three faux leather options with white, pink and black. Samsung flashed images of other colors that we expect to also shop in October or possibly later.

Other Accessories

Samsung offers a number of other accessories that should work with the Galaxy Note 3, including their AllShare Wireless Hub that lets users stream media to a TV. They all sell charging docks, extra batteries and more. Samsung offers various cables to charge their phones, connect to displays and docks for desk or car.

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    • Fair enough … but think about the market they’re going for. You can still (apparently) buy notebooks with leather/quality covers … and people love ’em.

      This is (in part) the market Sammy’s going for. People who like making notes, scribbles, doodle, diagrams. People like me! Actually I think it’s a huge market not well serviced by current tech. Sammy’s got a winner here.

      Also … people whined about “plastic, plastic, plastic”. So Sammy’s come up with a different quality finish. No lawsuits here, Mr Lawyerman ;-)

    • Stfu , stop complaining! If you want plastic get the Note 2 or S4! Dang , doing the most over a phone your not even forced to get! Stfu & move on! Btw follow me on instagram readers , @kingmebitch!

  1. Most of those colored backs are NOT leather, but I quite like the leather. Everyone complained about the shiny plastic and I think this is the best alternative. Metal is really over hyped right now.

    I had the leather back on my Blackberry Bold 9000 and 9700 and loved it actually. Yeah, nobody cares about BB anymore, including myself, but still. It’s been done before and it’s nice. This phone is not for the “kids”.

    I’m really excited about all of these potential colors and options available directly from samsung. I wonder how availability will pan out and how much they will cost.

    • May have to wait for the Note 4, it looks like they are pushing a new USB type of charging connection!

        • Yes, I know, that doesn’t change anything. One day wireless charging is a huge deal, the next it’s not. Any of those connections is a point of failure, and always has been. When they fail you must get another phone, sometimes at a large cost!

          • I don’t follow you, Vic. You asked if there was a new non-standard connector and I said no. The normal USB micro connector will work.

            Now you’re talking about wireless charging … well … people might have speculated, but that’s all it was. Speculation.

            The point is … the new Note works with existing gear. Personally I think that’s consumer friendly. Don’t you?

          • I should have asked, how common is plug connector failure? For any brand.

            Plus, since the battery is removable, you could always charge off the device. Can’t do that either with *other* companies ; -)

            Not really a single point of failure.

  2. I’m glad Verizon Wireless let me pre-order the Note-3 Phone & Galaxy Gear Watch combo, it looks nice and is non-slip. My photographic use will be mainly for signing releases, geo-tagging, flagging DNG files to be imported to LightRoom etc. while my sketches will be more for free-hand drawings (Pen & Ink w/WaterColor). I’ll hold off on buying the 13″ Wacom Cintique or Companion till I see the 12″ Samsung Note-2 Tablet.

  3. So bloody excited, just pre-ordered a black one. Love the faux leather too. Most excited about the Wireless Charging S Cover that I saw on another site. This will be the best phone I have ever owned.

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