iOS 7 GM Release Expected Immediately After iPhone Event

The iOS 7 GM release is expected tomorrow after the conclusion of Apple’s iPhone and iOS 7 event which takes place at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Developers and Apple partners are testing the iOS 7 beta 6 right now, and the last iOS 7 beta release should come to these registered users soon after the special event on September 10th.

The iOS 7 GM stands for Gold Master. Essentially this is the iOS 7 beta 7 release, but as a GM it is the last beta Apple expects before a public iOS 7 release date. A Gold Master is not a public version of iOS 7, but it represents a nearly final build of iOS 7 that should not change much.

iOS 7 is expected to arrive soon.
Look for an iOS 7 Gm release soon after Apple’s special event on September 10th 2013.

According to earlier iOS 7 release rumors Apple may have already provided the iOS 7 GM to partners as early as last Thursday. We’ve yet to hear of a leak of the iOS 7 GM, so it’s possible those plans are on hold or Apple was able to convince these partners to remain silent.

Even without this rumor, like many Apple release dates, there are clues that point to an iOS 7 GM release soon after Apple’s media event tomorrow.


Apple released the iOS 5 GM on October 4th, the same day it announced the iPhone 4S in 2011. Apple also announced the iOS 6 GM on September 12th when it announced the iPhone 5 in 2012.

Apple is very likely timing the iOS 7 GM release for after the event to keep some new iOS 7 features under wraps. Apple typically announces several unique iOS 7 features for the new iPhone.

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There are rumors that Apple is planning to deliver a slow motion camera option for the iPhone 5S with iOS 7 and early chatter that Apple could be working on an offline dictation option for iOS 7.

An offline version of dictation in iOS 7 could help users see what the iPhone thinks they are saying as they speak like on OS X Mavericks and on Android devices. This is incredibly important because accuracy goes way down after one missed word. With nearly instant feedback, users can stop and fix a word before wasting time dictating what the iPhone determines is gibberish. This could also help keep some of Siri’s functionality offline, for a more reliable service.


Apple typically releases iOS 7 updates around 10AM Pacific, which is when the Apple event starts. With this in mind, expect an iOS 7 GM update to arrive on the iPhone and iPad soon after the event wraps up. Apple’s special events are typically an hour and a half long.

One rumor claims Apple will delay iOS for the iPad until later this fall. If this is the case we may not see an iOS 7 for iPad GM tomorrow.

The iOS 7 release date is expected on September 18th, several days before the iPhone 5S release date. We expect to hear Apple confirm these release dates tomorrow.

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