Why You Shouldn’t Buy an iPod touch Right Now

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  1. J

    There was no new iPod Touch in 2011. Hopefully an upgrade will be announced on Sept. 10. Or maybe Apple has decided iTouch upgrades should come every other year.

    iPods have always been my favorite Apple product and I’m always looking forward to the next product announcements.

    • keeptruthfree

      nope, no iPod announcement. Why would you write an article without knowing what you’re saying. Now you look foolish.

      • playnice

        Keeptruthfree you are the fool, this was written Monday and speaks of the iOS event this upcoming weekend. Buy a clue before you post.

  2. Jack

    Apple ipod touch 6 specs should be A7 chip Finger print scanner M7 coprocessor 8 MP i Sight camera 1.5 MP facetime camera
    iOS 7 dual LED flash 4.5 retina display 1200 by 700 display.

    There stupid if they dont make a better ipod touch.

    • Damien King

      i totally agree with you Jack

  3. Spidey

    I hope the new iPod touch is awesome!

  4. Amanda

    I hope it will be available soon :)

  5. Adnan Malik

    Since iPod touch 6th generation was not released last year. It is almost certain that the new iPod Touch 2014 is coming out this fall essentially 8MP camera (like you mentioned) and specs similar to iPhone 5C.

  6. Brett

    No, he wasn’t the fool. He was right. Now YOU are looking foolish.

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