GTA 5 Map Comparison Reveals Massive Game World (Video)

The GTA 5 release date is under a week away and thanks to what appears to be a reliable leak, we get a look at the GTA 5 map.

Not only does the leak show off the GTA 5 map size, but thanks to some savvy users on Reddit we get a look at how the GTA 5 map compares to GTA 4, in size and in details.

The short version is the GTA 5 map is huge. The GTA 5 map comparison below shows a map that is more than three times larger than the GTA 4 map.

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Watch this leaked GTA 5 map comparison video which overlays GTA 5 screenshots on the map and compares the size of the GTA 5 map to GTA 4.


The GTA 5 map leak comes from a Brady Games GTA 5 strategy book, which is on sale at Amazon for $15 with a release date of September 17th. While the original posting is no longer online, the GTA 5 map photo lives online at NeoGaf.

It appears a user on reddit was able to get a copy early and shared a photo of the GTA 5 map which quickly spread online spawning comparisons which reveal an incredibly large gameplay area.

The image below is the alleged GTA 5 map, complete with markers for races, ammo shops, safe houses and much more. We get to see a huge Los Santos Airport, the Port of Los Santos and a sprawling urban area that gives way to mountains, a military base a beach escape and much more.

This is likely the GTA 5 map. Click for a larger version.
This is likely the GTA 5 map. Click for a larger version.

The GTA 5 universe is not limited to single player combat with the three main characters. Rockstar is delivering an update with GTA 5 Online in October that will let gamers play online in a constantly growing world which Rockstar plans to update.


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GTA 5 is latest Rockstar game to come to the Xbox 360 and PS3. There are no current public plans for GTA 5 on the PS4 or Xbox One, though with continual support for GTA 5 Online, it looks like it could be a possibility down the line.

GTA 5 is available for $60 in a standard edition, but users who buy the GTA 5 Special edition will recharge special abilities faster, gain access to free guns, more stunt plane missions and get a blueprint Los Santos map that shows special places to get powerups in GTA 5.

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