9 iPhone 5C Features You’ll Actually Care About

The iPhone 5c may not come with all the glitz and glamor as the iPhone 5s, but there are a good deal of iPhone 5c features hidden under that colorful plastic exterior that will please users.

While the iPhone 5c is essentially an iPhone 5 in a plastic coating, there are some new features tucked in there and plenty of iPhone 5 rollovers to complete the package.

Like the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 5c comes with iOS 7 which delivers a completely new look and over 200 changes for the iPhone operating system. iOS 7 is a reason in itself to love the iPhone 5c, but we’ll focus mainly on the phone’s specific features.

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Users who want to skip plastic can look for iPhone 5 deals on the discontinued phone, which drops the price to in line with the iPhone 5c’s $99 on contract price.


Walmart already cut the price by $20 offering the first iPhone 5c deal with a $79 on contract iPhone 5c. iPhone 5c pre-orders start online and in some stores on September 13th.

9 iPhone 5c Features You’ll Love

Here are the standout iPhone 5c features.
Here are the standout iPhone 5c features.

Steel Reinforced Plastic

Plastic smartphones are often a source of complaints from smartphone shoppers who don’t like the creaking and flex often found on plastic smartphone. Jony Ive of Apple calls the iPhone 5c, “Beautifully, unapologetically plastic,” in the iPhone 5c promo video in an effort to get ahead of any plastic complaints.

The iPhone 5C features a steel band and a steel back for a more premium feel.
The iPhone 5C features a steel band and a steel back for a more premium feel.


The biggest difference between the iPhone 5c and plastic smartphones of 2012 and earlier is the inclusion of a steel band that circles the phone to double as an antenna and a steel back plate that keeps the phone rigid, not flexible like some cheap plastic phones.

Five Color Options

While Apple long offered iPod touch color options, the iPhone remained a world of black and white until this year. The iPhone 5c is the first iPhone that Apple offers in multiple bright colors.

The iPhone 5c features a colorful plastic shell.
The iPhone 5c features a colorful plastic shell.

The iPhone 5c comes in five color options that are vibrant and are coated with a glossy finish for durability. Still, it is worth noting that Apple warns buyers, “iPhone 5c colors may vary and change over time.”

An Official iPhone 5c Case

Apple is back in the accessory business with an official iPhone 5c case that protects the iPhone, but shows off the bright color underneath.

Apple offers six iPhone 5c case color options.
Apple offers six iPhone 5c case color options.

While not everyone approves of this hole-featuring iPhone 5c case, it is a way to keep your new iPhone 5c safe and still show off the color.


Users who are upgrading from the iPhone 4s will get 4G LTE for the first time. This is a faster wireless service form AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile that rivals and beats home internet connection speeds.

Check out the video above to watch a 4G LTE speed test. The iPhone 5s and most Android phones also offer 4G LTE.

8MP camera

The iPhone 5c features the same camera as the iPhone 5, which mean users get a very good 8MP camera and a single LED flash. The iPhone 5c cannot do slo motion video, doesn’t come with a True Tone flash or larger pixels for better low light performance, but assuming it is as good as the iPhone 5’s camera it won’t be a disappointment.

The iPhone 5c uses the same camera from the iPhone 5.
The iPhone 5c uses the same camera from the iPhone 5.

Users also get the new iOS 7 camera app with faster switching between photos, videos and panoramas.

iOS 7 with Color Matching

IOS 7 is Apple’s new version of iPhone software that comes with 200 new features, including at least 50 iOS 7 features you will use. One of the cool new features is color matching, which essentially means if you set an iPhone 5c background to the same color as the plastic on the phone iOS 7 will show that color throughout the operating system.

iOS 7 colors match the background and in turn the iPhone 5c's color.
iOS 7 colors match the background and in turn the iPhone 5c’s color.

This includes the phone app dialer pad and other areas that almost make it look like the iPhone 5c is completely tuned to the color you picked.

The Price

One of the biggest iPhone 5c features is the price. Apple is charging $99 for the iPhone 5c, which is what we would have expected the iPhone 5 to sell for (and it is selling for while in stock).

The iPhone 5c is priced to move.
The iPhone 5c is priced to move.

We are already seeing iPhone 5c deals, including Walmart offering the iPhone 5c for $79, for pre-orders and for sales on release day.

It’s also worth noting that Apple sells a 32GB iPhone 5c for $199 for users who need more storage.

Better Battery Life

Apple delivers better iPhone battery life with the iPhone 5c. Users who upgrade from an iPhone 5 will see two hours of longer surfing on LTE and 25 hours more of standby as well as longer surfing on WiFI.

The iPhone 5c should deliver better iPhone battery life.
The iPhone 5c should deliver better iPhone battery life.

iPhone 4S owners upgrading to the iPhone 5c should also see boosts in talk time, browsing and standby time that will help them keep going after a busy day.

Free Apps

Apple includes $40 worth of free premium iPhone apps with the iPhone 5c. This means users will get access to Pages, Numbers, KeyNote, iPhoto and iMovie.

Apple includes $40 in free iPhone apps.
Apple includes $40 in free iPhone apps.

The iWork suite lets users edit documents, presentations and spreadsheets and sync the documents to iCloud and to a computer. The iPhoto app offers editing and more. The iMovie app lets users create movies on the iPhone from anywhere.

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For all the iPhone 5c features there are to love, some users will be better off buying the iPhone 5 before it disappears from store shelves. The iPhone 5 is almost the same phone, but with an aluminum design. While the price of the iPhone 5c is also nice, users should keep in mind that the iPhone 5s is only $99 more expensive, which in the grand scheme of paying for wireless service is not much at all.

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