Top 5 iPhone 5s Insurance & Warranty Options Compared

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  1. saberone1

    AppleCare+ is my choice simply because it’s predictable and you’re less likely to wait around.

  2. Mr. Smith

    thanks for skipping best buy??? 14.99/month for 24 months, accidental, factory defects and water damage covered. No deductable. No claim limit.

    • Rodney Gibbons

      The salesman at Bestbuy told me today that they discontinued the water and theft coverage on the Iphone 5S

  3. ryanstevenson

    If you like their Facebook page, SquareTrade gives you $35 off, from $124 down to $89. Far and away the best deal, and better coverage to boot.

    • JDE

      Yes, but no theft/loss protection.

  4. waryofthefineprint

    This article is lacking in that it doesn’t mention what these various policies maximum claim limits are. iPhone’s are much more when you aren’t purchasing one with a 2-year carrier commitment so anyone needing insurance on their phone with be paying full price on replacements. What are the various insurance policies claim limits? (The maximum amount the insurer will cover on replacing your device?) This is a huge part of the comparison process, many iPhone insurance providers turn out not to be worth it when you add up the initial policy cost, deductible, and claim limit cap. I would be very appreciative for any accurate info on this, but so far I’m leaning towards not insuring my phone at all since the amount I would be saving if I had insurance appears to be minimal, and there is always the possibility that I won’t need to ever file a claim in which case this would all be money wasted. Pardon my lack of conciseness…

  5. Chad

    I don’t understand why anyone would buy insurance/warranty with Apple’s out of warranty replacement program in place. With the upfront cost plus the breakage fee ($99 + $79 for example) with apple care, you are out $178. It would seem to me the option to take your chances and risk maybe paying $50 more if you break your phone is a better option than paying the $100 bucks upfront. This is especially true given that most people don’t break their phones. What am I missing here?

    • Anonymous

      You’re missing the fact that when you buy the phone outside of an upgrade or new contract it costs like 600 or 700 dollars.

  6. Dan H.

    When I go to Square Trade’s website, it shows “A $99 deductible applies to all claims.” It does not say anything about “$50 on Drop Spill”. Is this a recent change?

    I looked into the “Credit Card” insurance. My credit card will double the warranty. Reading the fine print this is what I found out: They will only pay repairs for the amount you paid. Since I got a subsidised phone and paid $99.00 that is all they will pay. If you paid full price this might be worth it.

  7. Dan H.

    Here are the Chase credit card warranty terms:

    How will I be reimbursed?
    Depending on the nature and circumstances of the incident, the Benefit Administrator, at its discretion, may choose to handle your claim in one
    of two ways:
    1. The damaged item (whether wholly or in part) may be repaired, rebuilt, or replaced. A stolen item may be replaced. If the item is to be
    repaired, rebuilt, or replaced, you will be notified of the decision within fifteen (15) days following receipt of the required proof-of-theft/damage
    2. You may be reimbursed for the eligible item, but not more than the original purchase price of the covered item as recorded on your eligible card
    receipt, less shipping and handling charges, up to a maximum of $250 per claim occurrence.

  8. Jas

    The 5S is a prime target for theft. I live on my phone. My father had his taken from his table at a restaurant by someone causing a diversion. My brother had his stolen from his car while he was working out. Someone must have seen him on the phone when he pulled in. He put it in his console, out of sight. 45 minutes later, the window was broken and nothing was touched but the console. Things happen and you can misplace your phone. I would prefer a plan that has replacement of a lost or stolen phone. $120 is a cheap price to get your phone replaced.

  9. cds

    Just a head’s up that Square Trade recently upped their deductible from $50 to $99 (I called and spoke to a customer service rep who said the change happened a few weeks ago.)

  10. ryanstevenson

    Jas, this is one of the safest phones to have if you’re the victim of theft. Fingerprint scanner, plus iOS 7’s security features, plus you can wipe your phone remotely or track it’s location.

  11. Robin Fitzpatric.

    I was actually looking for the answer to the point that waryofthefineprint raises. If you pay a 2 year contract price and need to replace your phone before the next “upgrade” is available, how much is reimbursed or covered? Say you pay $199 for your 5s, the same phone is somewhere around $600 without upgrade eligibility? I emailed squaretrade and got a very generic non-specific answer..I replied for clarification and am waiting to hear back.

    • JDE

      It’s $99 on contract, but even without AppleCare, it’s $269 for a refurb (and I’ve heard they’ll even sometimes give you a new one if they don’t have a refurb available).

  12. Mike Tyson Rudolph

    Amex covers all this (loss/theft and damage) with Purchase Protection included with the card, but only for the first 3 months:

  13. Mike

    Amex will only cover lost phones if you have a Platinum, Delta Reserve, or Centurion card.

  14. Jennifer

    Protect Your Bubble looked great – cheaper than Insurance via carrier. However, on the site, it does not say it covers loss/theft. Since that is one of the biggest reasons for me to have insurance for my family, no go. We will stick with the Carrier insurance as it seems to be the only one that covers loss/theft anymore, sadly.

  15. Hammour

    People in the Middle East are sfr more spoiled and pampered, we charge our customers for iPhone 5s as low as 8% of their purchase value so am average of 50 $ that covers accidental damage for the first year with 25% deductible of repair amount, covers up to the total device purchase value & 0% deductible on electrical failures , extension of apple warranty , it also includes theft and fire accidents , we do not sell it directly to customers though, it is sold via retailers only.

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