iOS 7 Release Time: When to Expect the iOS 7 Download

The iOS 7 release time is not official yet, but thanks to Apple’s predictable schedule, we have a good idea of when you can expect the iOS 7 download and update option on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Apple announced the iOS 7 release date of September 18th earlier this month, but in typical Apple fashion the company didn’t disclose all of the details, including the iOS 7 release time.

Users who want to avoid any issues shouldn’t try to get iOS 7 as soon as Apple starts the downloads, but for users who can’t wait to try out the new iOS 7 features, here’s when you can expect a release.

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The iOS 7 release time is very likely set for September 18th at 10 AM Pacific. Check out when the iOS 7 release could be in your time zone.

The iOS 7 release time is very likely set for September 18th at 10 AM Pacific. Check out when the iOS 7 release could be in your time zone.


The odds are very good that Apple is planning an iOS 7 release time of 10 AM Pacific on September 18th. This is the same time Apple released the iOS 6 update, the iOS 5 update and the iOS 4.2 update. It is also the time Apple released all but one of the iOS 7 betas.

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This time makes sense for Apple who is based in California, as it allows the company to prepare for a release that won’t ping most iPhone or iPad users in the middle of a commute and it lets Apple’s support staff get in and ready for any issues.

Here is the iOS 7 release time for your time zone.

  • Eastern – 1 PM
  • Central – 12 PM
  • Mountain – 11 AM
  • London – 6 PM
  • Moscow – 9 PM
  • New Dehli – 10:30 PM
  • Shanghai – 1 AM Thursday
  • Tokyo – 2 AM Thursday
  • Melbourne – 3 AM Thursday
  • Auckland – 5 AM Thursday

While Apple is predictable with iOS release times, one reason the company may avoid announcing a specific iOS 7 release time is to prevent server overloads. While Apple was able to handle the demand for iOS 6 last year, the company may not want the equivalent of digital lines, which would likely outpace the iPhone 5s lines already forming across the U.S. and abroad.

Apple announced over 200 new iOS 7 features at the iPhone 5s announcement last week, highlighting not only the new iOS 7 features but the completely new look for iOS 7.

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The iOS 7 download is free for the iPhone 4 and newer, iPad 2 and newer and iPod touch. Users can upgrade to iOS 7 directly from the iPhone or iPad without the need to plug into a computer.

The video below highlights many of the new iOS 7 features and offers a glimpse at the new iOS 7 design which Craig Federighi, Apple’s SVP of Software Engineering called, “the most significant iOS update since the original iPhone.”