iOS 7 Software Update Failed Errors Frustrate Users

Those trying to upgrade to the new iOS 7 update have encountered an issue during the installation process with iPhone and iPad owners reporting a “Software Update Failed” error while downloading the software from Apple’s servers shortly after the iOS 7 release.

Just a short time ago, Apple released iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, pushing its largest update in years out to owners of its mobile devices. Problem is, many of those trying to update to the new software are encountering a nasty little error that prevents iOS 7 from installing onto the iPhone or iPad.

While downloading iOS 7, we ran into a “Software Update Failed” error that prevented us from continuing the iOS 7 download. The error looks like the error in the screen grab below.

Read: Errors Start Ahead of iOS 7 Release.

Users trying to install iOS 7 have encountered an error.
Users trying to install iOS 7 have encountered an error.


Unfortunately, the error stops the iOS 7 download process and forces users to try to download again. The error occurred on both an iPhone 5 and an iPad 3 and we have seen it occur on an iPad mini as well. Other users are reporting this error as well, meaning this is likely a widespread issue that is affecting those who are trying to download the software immediately after its release.

The same iOS "Software Update Failed" error on the iPad.
The same iOS “Software Update Failed” error on the iPad.

Earlier in the day, Apple’s servers showed some potential warning signs when users encountered a “Can’t Connect to iTunes” error. Users were also unable to install iTunes 11.1 manually, likely due to Apple’s servers being hammered by requests.

For the moment, iPhone and iPad owners who encounter the “Software Update Failed” error are left with one solution and that is to try again and see if the download and installation process is able to complete. We were taken right back to the “Software Update Failed” screen when trying again though others appear to have had some luck getting the installation process to start up again.

iOS 7 is finally here though some users are unable to download it.
iOS 7 is finally here though some users are unable to download it.

Users with 16GB iPhone and iPad models are also encountering storage space issues when updating Over-the-Air as the iOS 7 update requires more than 3GB of open space in order to install. The problem can be remedied simply by installing through iTunes.

Last year’s iOS 6 update did not come with similar issues though the iOS 5 update was plagued with server issues that ultimately forced some iPhone and iPad owners to wait until much later in the day to install the software.


  1. I keep getting this error message on my iPad Mini…..I’ve tried restarting it, clearing more room, still getting the same error message….going to try again later today.

  2. same problem on my 5 and ipad 2, download starts and gets to 8 min left and then aborts with the error message. several attempts no luck.

  3. My iPad 2 is getting updated through wifi. My iPad mini is giving error. I tried connecting to iTunes, and it shows iOs 6.1.3 is the latest. LOL. Any fix for iPad mini?

  4. happening right now on my ipad 3 restarting it to see if that works cant even download the file instantly says download failed.

  5. I got the error message 3-4 times, but kept trying (without leaving any time in between), and now it seems like it’s working. It says “Estimating time remaining…”

    • Mines done that four or five times, it will download for a few minutes and go straight back to the “software update failed” screen

      • Mine didn’t do that, but once it started downloading, it said it was going to take 5 hours. I paused it, and will do it when I get home tonight.

  6. poor us, whatever shall we do – i, for one, have opted to dismantle my phone in its entirety and bacofoil each part before putting into a sandwich bag with some glue and shaking it – i’ll keep you in the loop but so far so good…

  7. Same here – update failed on iPhone 5. I’m guessing this has to do with how overloaded Apple’s servers are getting…hopefully that’s the problem and the issue will clear up later today or tomorrow.

  8. iPhone 4S failes, when I connect it to iTunes on computer it says that “This version of the iPhone software (6.1.3) is the current version.”

  9. Multiple failures on both my iPhone 4 and iPad 2, but both seem to be chugging along right now (fingers crossed).

  10. Apple slowly is becoming no better than Microsoft. Rush to get things out without regard if they work 100% correctly and all the bugs in the process are worked out. Certainly they can estimate the amount of initial users looking to download IOS 7 from the get go and beef up their servers accordingly. Furthermore if it were an issue where the new iTunes update and the IOS 7 update would be too much at once they could have staggered their release a bit better. Apple only has more money than the US Government (at times) so clearly they can afford the infrastructure updates. That being said I know I’m just being impatient with regard to the download.

  11. Still installing on iPhone 5 said would take 9 mins so far it’s been 40 mins.

    Won’t even start to download on iPad mini says error …. As above

  12. It happed with me on my iphone 4s so what can i expect now? should i wait … or format my reset my fone and try again ?

  13. Received this error half way through the install process when I received this error on my iPhone 5. I use went to all Apple products several years ago for their dependability. I hope this is not a sign of thing to come.

  14. They wouldn’t have this problem if they hired a Internet test company like Soasta to pre test their system and help them identify server issues ahead of time. When Apple releases something big like this they need to pre test by using appropriate loads otherwise their name becomes mud (at least for a day) as user after user sees the same ugly error message

        • Yo relax…Virginia wasn’t talking to you personally! Stop jumping down her throat! She wants to vent let her vent… It’s mad frustrating and we all know it! Did someone die and make you perfect?

    • Firstly you’re a trolling fanboy The iphone nor itunes alert you about this update… you had to manually search and try. So Switch over. Yay! Finally! We needed to get rid of you. What you’re saying is…” Apple typically fails…?” Then go on and get. You’re the idiot that bought an apple product from a company that “typically fails”. So it’s your problem. Learn your lesson and move on … to the superior Galaxy 4! If you stay you’d only be taking up time from someone else’s update.

  15. Both my iPhone 5 and iPad 3 have failed to update. My iPhone began the download and about 3 minutes in failed. Now it just fails immediately.

  16. Happens to me too on my iPhone 4. It downloads sometimes, but once it gets to preparing update I get the error. Sometimes I get the error as soon as I try to download.

  17. Itunes changed their policy after I agreed mine started to download. I’m still waiting for it to be done

  18. Same thing here but I switched internet connection waited about 10 minutes started it backup and now I’m downloading!

  19. On 4s… Downloaded about a quarter of the way, then got the error. Now just get the error message every time.

  20. Same here, keep getting the error screen right when it says preparing to install. Now it won’t even let me start. Apple should have been ready for this.

  21. iphone 5 here. As soon as i hit agree to the T&C it pops up with that stupid error. Restarted phone and tried again, started downloading for a min then error time.

  22. Its working on iPhone 5 now. I faced the same error for 4-5 times but it started afterwards when I tried again. Maybe too much load on Apple servers :) #France

  23. If you are unable to restart update install, like I was after this error, try holding HOME+POWER, it will shutdown, after that you turn device ON again and try again, it worked for me, just updated :D

  24. Ok, kept trying now the gears have started to move and wheels are turning. 21 min remaining. At Bangalore India.

  25. Try this. It worked for me after I got this error! I had to make space on my iphone 5 to be able to download and install (making space for 3.2gb). I did this then got the error. After you make space for the download do a hard restart. Hole the Power Button on top and the Home button down for 10 seconds or until it turns off. Then restart and install.

  26. iOS7 update. Epic Fail. All measures tried. Reboots. ReSyncs. Deleting apps and data. Apple has screwed the pooch on this one. Where are you, Steve J.? We need you again.

  27. The iOS 7 update didn’t work on my iPod Touch 5th Generation neither on my iPad 4, it’s pretty annoying since we all have waited a long time.

  28. What confuses me even more after the errors is that when I connect my iPhone to iTunes it sasy 6.1.4 is the most recent update???

  29. I have tried at least 15+ times to restart the download but keep getting “Software update failed” this is getting very annoying and just might wait till tomorrow then.

  30. This is absolutely ridiculous.
    My iTunes won’t even update my ipad mini, saying that ios 6.1.3 is the current version.
    So what exactly is going on here..

  31. I guess we should all stop repeating ourselves about which device it isn’t working on as stated in the main story and just wait a little while. It will be available from now on. No panic.

  32. I am on an ipod touch 5th gen and it is also having this issue. Sometimes it will show me the error message, and other times it will actually start downloading and then part way in it will bring up the error message again. Hoping it will work soon!

  33. iPhone 5 updated to iOS 7. Started 09:54. Success
    iPhone 4. Failed. Started 09:57
    iPad 3. Failed. Started 09:59
    iPad mini. Failed. Started 10:08

  34. took me about 6 or 7 tries, but seems to be working finally. first it would give me an error that it couldn’t find it, then it gave me the error updating.

  35. 20 million people are trying to access the servers at the same time – i hardly understan what the erro could be – i have smahed my phione to smithereens and am decrying the company, naked, in the street. SHAME ON YOU APPLE, MY CHILDREN ARE WEEPING AND WASHING IN PUDDLES BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!!

  36. I was waiting for a long time for IOS 7 but i could not download it shows software update is failed…I havent expected this very disturbed

  37. I tried to install iOS 7 with the iPhone 4 and it’s giving me ‟Software Update Failed” error message, every time. Unfortunately… I think we have to wait until the traffic is down or something?

  38. you just have to keep trying and eventually it will work. FINALLY got my iPad mini and iphone 5 but my wifes iphone 4s still haveing problem getting it to start download. just keep trying.

  39. I am running IOS 7 GM… yet there is no update what so ever for me at all, i click check for update in itunes, says its up to date, i try OTA, says its up to date… i am trying this all on my ipod touch 5g… anybody else having this issue?

    • i think you need to go back to 6.1.4 on iphone 5 or for your ipod need to go back to the latest official. my friend just did and got the OTA updates

  40. apple sucks…..even with such a small user group these guys cant provide update at once….learn from Android!

  41. I had the same error four times, deleted some games that took up a lot of memory and it is installing the new iOS now

  42. i tried pressing the home button after start the download and before the failure notification pops up. 30 minutes later the download is finished and there goes my new ios7 on my old ipad2. :)

  43. I got this error too! Two times! I tried it again and on the third go, it’s downloading. Currently downloading at the moment :D But I had to delete A LOT of apps for this… Not happy at all. All my games have gone and the data in the games… :@

  44. Same problem with iPhone 5; tried resetting all setting and disable find my iPhone but no success. I’ve been trying for an hour now. Doesn’t seem to work.

  45. In settings leave OFF auto lock, once my phone locked and had to be unlocked thats when the error occured, set auto lock to NEVER, then hard reset the phone, then try to install, seems to work!!

  46. hmmm apple doesn’t care about what we want, we give apple money to improve it’s hardware and software for what we want, not what they want us to have, i don’t trust apple any more..

  47. After restarting my iPad Mini, I got the error message several times. I kept trying and eventually it started downloading.. Just gotta be persistent and now patient while it downloads :) I didn’t have any issues with my iPhone 5 though!

  48. I have downloaded the new i tunes but still this crap ios7 update fails on my ipad 2, I give up, do it tomorrow!

  49. If you’re updating 2 or more apple devices, it will show the error. Update one at a time to avoid the error :)

    *Tried and tested*
    While I’m updating my iPhone 4, I updated my iPad mini and the error shows up. So meaning the error is showing because I’m updated many apple devices linked into one account :)

  50. Don’t cry folks, it will happen. They simply cannot service millions of phones at the same time. A smarter idea would be a release in the middle of the night to get some of the keeners out of the way.

  51. Totally embarrassing software launch for Apple. Second rate preparation from supposed top notch company. Not.

  52. I did have that error and it stopped halfway or at the beginning every time i started it. Try to hard restart your phone/pad … after I did, it seems to download it now.

  53. If you get this error you need to go into the App Store and update your apps. There is a new iTunes security update that you must agree to. Thereafter you can install iOS 7.

  54. my download on my iphone 4 was more than halfway through and then it quit. Guess i need to restart my iphone again in a few minutes. No luck with the iPad and it’s the current addition.

  55. I have updated Itunes to 11.1and it keeps saying that my iphone is up to date with regards to its operating system..annoying man…can’t even get anywhere with the upgrade through the handset..

  56. Have you ever though that there is MILLIONS of other people trying to download a almost 800mb update at the same time ??

  57. As of 1:43 PM EST, the update is failing on my 5 and isn’t even showing as available when plugged into iTunes (it just says 6.1.4 is available, which I didn’t update to before).

  58. Got ten errors. Now downloading on the 11th try. You understand that several hundred kajillion people are trying to download this all at the same time. Just keep at it. Mine’s installing now. It’s all good. :)

  59. Software error on my iPhone 4 :(( Tried turning it off and on again, syncing with iTunes to see if it would update there (it still showing version 6.1.3 as the latest). Its going pretty smooth on my iPhone 5 though!

  60. Remove sync to icloud option and its fixed. Turn it on again after the update. ;) Tested on ipad mini, iphone 4, iphone 4s and iphone 5.

  61. The error on an ipad mini, iphone 4 and iphone 4s. When trying it by itunes, it tells me it is up to date.

  62. WORKS!
    i just pressed a couple of times, and now it DOES let me download it.
    i guess it’s a server’s problem. if you’re not to obsessed with getting the ios 7 ASAP, then try a few times – won’t work? wait another 15 minutes or so.

  63. Working now, do a hard reboot and make sure you have 4GB free, back up your photos to your PC, update your apps first, then download the iOS update.

  64. exactly same error on my MINI as you explained… but when i tried to update from iTune 11.1 .. its saying “No New Version Available” i e 6.1.3.. :(

  65. It will work folks, guess the servers are just being hammered by all us eager beavers. My iPhone 5 has updated after a few attempts, will leave my mini till its a bit less frantic :D

  66. I have a iPhone 5 32GB and I tried to update on 7pm (CEST) but it doesn’t worked. Hope apple will fix this.

  67. it kept going to the error screen on my iPhone 5 until i disconnected it from the cable and re-tried it without connecting it to a power outlet and it worked yay!!!

  68. if ur having problems like I did turn of ur phone turn bk on again then turn ur wifi of on ur devive then put it bk on then it should work

  69. I was receiving the same error on 4th gen iPad. After numerous attempts its not only has finished downloading but is now updating. So keep trying, you’ll get through….hopefully!

  70. Mine has installed successfully! note that millions of people are downloading at the same time, overloading servers. that’s most likely the cause of the failure.

  71. It’s failed numerous times even after it’s been downloading for awhile. Trying to install through iTunes just gives me a, ios 6.whatever is the most current update.

  72. and why it won’t resume from where it left off is beyond me!! My 2001 Internet Explorer let me resume! Apple you suck!!

  73. i am having th same issure on my both my ipad and iphone and my wifes iphone and ipad. Tis a bit shit really.

  74. Same problem here with the iphone 4! itd be a great help if someone coupld reply to this when it starts working :))

  75. Same here, of course. However, I did find that my iPad was at least trying to re-initiate the download process after I would click to the license terms, upon entering into an individual section such as the privacy policy, game center terms and conditions and/or IOS terms and conditions rather than immediately being advised that the update/download had failed. With that said, even though it seemed to re-initiate the download within a minute or two I would once again receive the failed error message.

    To note: As others have indicated, my ITunes is not reflecting an update available. I successfully updated my iPhone 5 (Verizon).

  76. My iphone5 started the download on the first try. My iPad3 finally started the download after a number of failures.

  77. Getting it on my 4S, at the “Preparing Update” stage… Wi-Fi in my house is dangerously slow, however, so if it fails a second time, yup, checking to see how much space I have, doing a hard reboot, and trying again…

  78. I’ve tried it like 30 times already with my iphone 4 and i get the same screen and then my phone wont let me out of the settings to do anything i cant even shut it off.does anyone else have this?and if so how did you fix it?

  79. i have iphone 4 and i have tried loads of times but i keep getting the error messages i might leave it for another day

  80. several fails on iphone 4s. just kept trying, it went through to 100% and its now onto the “preparing update” stage and no fails as yet.

    my iPad mini is giving this error “unable to check for update” everytime – pressed try again about 20 times with no luck.

    From the UK.

    • Tried to download it like 7 times, restarted the phone, tried a again, still didn’t work. Then did it one more time and now it’s downloading, first fast, then slow, then moderate. iPhone 4

  81. Everyone calm down…millions are trying to download this update. No…it’s not your “personal” internet…No….it’s not the free space on your device. Its Apple Servers…just calm down…everyone will get the update. Just wait a little bit and try again. After I tried 5 or 6 times…my iPhone 4S is now running IOS 7. Just give it time…good grief….

  82. Well, Finally got my iphone 5 update ios 7 it my 12th time to try get update , but still fighting get my ipad to get update to ios 7 . today it will be most in pain ass to get everyone update ios 7 cuz the apple server is in traffic . So be patience

  83. iPad 3 failing here. iTunes (with iPad connected) says there is no update. Not going to try my iPhone 4 since I’m upgrading, I hope.

  84. I have had it work on one 5 but it fails on the other 5 and 4s.

    I love how many of you are quick to forget all the issues you have had updating every other piece of software on every other device you own. You are spoiled by the fact that usually things just work when it comes to Apple hardware and software.

    It takes time to feed downloads to millions of people across the whole planet. BE PATIENT. Not a new concept. Try again later after doing a hard reset.

    To those saying “I’m switching to the Galaxy” or some other version of Android, have fun with that. Go on. Get! ;-)

  85. 1 hour was remaining and the error appread i tried again and again on the 7th attempt it started downloading again

  86. All three devices currently downloading – 7 hours, 3 hours and “estimating” so far, so that’s comforting

  87. I got the “Software Update Failed” a few times, then it kicked in and started – you see “iOS 7.0″ with an “Estimated Time Remaining” (for me, 32 minutes) and an animation of the “gears” of the iOS Settings spinning.

    • now the estimated time remaining has gone up to 41 minutes. Server bandwidth does have its limits – nothing you can do.

  88. Keep trying or just wait until later… (I couldn’t wait I was too desperate!!) So I kept trying and trying after turn number 8 it worked!! I also didn’t let me screen sleep kept petting the screen… iPhone5

  89. Guys,
    I was able to update my iPhone 5 but not iPad2. iPad update gave me the same update failed error. Then I realized that the difference was that iPhone was in charging state. As soon as I started charging my iPad the update started. (It does not matter if you have 100% battery but what matters is it should be in charging state). Weird but true!

  90. People just leave your iPhone/iPad for a couple of hours and try again. This error is definitely because the servers are way too overcrowded (literally everyone is trying to download). If you was lucky like I was and downloaded just when it was released it downloaded fine. But if not, just wait a while and try again. (Downloaded in London)

  91. I got it going.. just need to try repeatedly until you see the gears wheeling and turning. Just a matter of patience. and no it’s not the internet if you may think that. I work in a corporate building and it’s a highly protected IP stopping most incoming traffic – allowed apple’s update so no it’s not the internet

  92. iphone 4s 16g.. kept getting the same error. Tried turning wifi off then back on, had no luck. Tried the hard reset, had no luck. Deleted every bogus app on my phone and some music I have that I will never listen to too free up some space (had 5.8 free gigs to begin with. 6.2 after deletion) and it is working now. Hope it helps!

  93. iPad 2 done with download but “Preparing Update…” is taking longer, about 10 minutes now. iPhone 4 went through the same error repeatedly then started downloading. After “.. 50 minutes remaining..” it popped up the same message. I retried 4-5 times with the same error and now downloading with 29 minutes left…crossing finger ;)

  94. Strange, now I see it already working.. but it’s downloading for 4 hours.
    I think I’ll be getting another system overload from Apple.

  95. im on a 4. i’ve tried at least 100 times, the estimated time remaining will decrease for a while, then it will say “preparing update” for a second, then i get the error. This time, however, the remaining time got down to “less than one minute remaining” and then said “preparing update,” and is continuing to download. Looks like you’ve just gotta be patient.

  96. If y’all really want it and can’t wait you could try resetting the phone. I just reset mine to get it set up for England and it started the download automatically so could just back the phone up and reset it if you’re desperate to see the new features.

  97. I couldn’t update my Ipad mini… It’s showing me the same error again and again…it’s annoying and shouldn’t be expecting it from a company like Apple Inc.

  98. hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! “The entire planet Earth is trying to download the same thing at the same time.”

  99. if you are having problems updating your iphone go to settings>cellular usage> turn off cellular data and then try to download. that seems to be fixing alot of the issues.

  100. D’oh wait.. After I plugged my iPad into my laptop when iTunes opens automatically, it detected an iOS 7.0 update, now it seems Apple have fixed their issue.

  101. OK the way to get it to work. Unplug your wifi, go outside, stand on your head for 2 minutes and then come back in and plug wifi back in – it will download

  102. I am updating my iPhone 5 right now (9/18/2013 1315hrs) preparing update. Download just completed. I restarted my modem just incase my internet was too slow. working just fine now after 6 errors.

    • ***UPDATE***
      1329hrs instillation started. Then got an error that said “Update not available at this time, please try again later”… ALRIGHTY THEN!!!

      • ***UPDATE***
        1342hrs Update just started had to keep retrying to update, yes stay patient. Phone now updating. only took 13 minutes to keep trying. I know its hectic, but server is bogged down with a lot of people updating. Good luck everyone

  103. I’m not sure is this is a coincidence or not but after attempting numerous times to upgrade I put my phone into airplane mode and turned wifi back on and then tried upgrading again. And it worked!

  104. On iPhone 4, preparing update is stuck at the last 10% remaining shown on the bar for like 30 mins already. It won’t budge.

  105. i have 6 gb of free space, iv been trying to download since 12:45. when it gets to preparing to update phone, it takes me to the error screen. The frustration.

  106. It didn’t even prompt me to upgrade my 4S until after 1PM EST just to say 2hrs remaining, then 1 hr, then 3hrs, then 13 minutes…all within 20 minutes…got about halfway done, then failed. And now it fails a few seconds after each subsequent try. So much for “It just works”. So disappointing.

  107. I believe the “theories” of everyone are pretty funny, but props for being observant. My guess is probably like a lot of others. The servers got donkey punched in the jaw and everyone freaked out because something didnt work the very first time. The only thing I did to my iP5 that I think MAYBE did anything was to reset wifi. Im now at the preparing update stage that was preceded by about 10-15 minutes of download time. The roughly 750mb download size is questionable, as the GM was what, 900+ so if this is the GM like some sites suggest, why is the size different? I think everyone will like iOS7 for different reasons, I havent found anything that screams new and innovative, just copies of ANDROID ideas that have been in the wild for a while now.

    Update has finally started installation. iPhone 5 (AT&T Southeast Market)

    Stay patient and TRY the WIFI solution. Dont point fingers at Apple because their servers were overloaded by the hoard….GEAUX TIGERS!!!!

  108. For everyone who have iPhone or iPad who have yet to get the iOS 7 update, follow these steps.

    1. Check for the update. If its unavailable and you’re on WiFi. Disconnect the WiFi then check for the update. If its there, reconnect the Wifi then check again.
    2. If you get a error when downloading saying “Software Update Failed”, take your device off of the charger and attempt to download. Hit Continue when it says something like “We recommend to keep charging your device instead of using battery life. Would you like to continue or try later?” Make sure you have at least 75% Battery Life before downloading.
    3. iOS 7 should begin downloading.

  109. Wow! You guys are impatient. Making comments like “Apple sucks”, “I’m leaving Apple”, etc. – The “whole world” is downloading this thing at the same time. I don’t think there is a server load test for that. You have waited this long. What is a little more time?

  110. I just tried 4 times in a row with the iPad Mini and received the Update Failed message. I guess the Apple servers are overloaded? I’ll have to be patient and wait a few days for the new iOS I guess.

  111. He’s at the 40- the 30- plowing through, 20-, 10-….straight stiff arms 5-, high stepping, diving into the end zone… TOUCHDOWN iphone 4s (Total Drive time 46 min as of 10:43)

  112. same issue on iPod 5 and iPad 4, on the iPod 5 is downloading, it had been like more than 30 minutes and its really slow, it’s not even half. and iPad just did the same and I’m waiting again ..

  113. i have iphone 5. it took over hour to download ios7 then kept getting an error msg when trying to install, got the msg about 25 times before it finally worked. just be patient guys

  114. Mine wasn’t working, but then I came to find out it needs exactly 3.1 GB’s to download, not the 2.9 or whatever it said. Try deleting a few apps and photos/videos. Worked for me. :~) It’s currently downloading.
    iPhone 4 btw,


  115. My Iphone 4 has been estimating time remaining for 3 hours now…. so I can’t restart or stop the download ffs

  116. Finally…OTA update is done in 65 min on 4S…after repeated failure message in beginning (downloaded from UK).

  117. I had the same problem. I put my tablet in airplane mode and turn on Wi-Fi and it downloaded fine and now i am almost 50% installed.

  118. SHIP APPLE!!, after 1 hour it was going to install, then a message appear NO AVAILABLE DOWNLOAD AT THIS TIME, SHIP, SHIP, I don’t want to to this ship all over again, what a waste of time, WORSE update EVER!

  119. Well the download finished prepared the update then when it gives me the install now option i click that and it says “verifying update” then says “software update unavailable” if i spent all that time downloading it shouldnt it just let me install it. since its finished downloading *slaps face* annoying.

    • Just click once back to general then go back in to install may take 3-4X’s to accomplish but it will work and then you’ll wait some more for the actual install reboot finish!

  120. after 12th try on validating the software, finally able to install #iOS7 – its a painful journey from download till install.

  121. YAY finally seems to be booting the install bout F(*&(*& time urg. well hopefully it was worth the wait and headache if not meh it was a fun journey either way *NERDS UNITE*

    • Nothing wrong with my Internet connection. I outta punch you in the mouth for calling my connection shitty.

  122. Hey Guy’s people who have this issue, Just turn off your IPhone wait for couple of minutes and start your Iphone than try to update…. It Works….!!!! (Preferably WIFI)

  123. Update through iTunes appears to be working. Download newest version of iTunes (11.1 – updated 9/18/2013), then you can upgrade to iOS7.

  124. Upgrading iPhone 5. It’s giving update unavailable message. It finished downloading but won’t install. Can’t believe apple screwed up so much in their biggest refresh of iOS

  125. Done at last :)…after listening to-turn on airplane mode, reset wifi, switch off phone etc etc and all kinds of absurdities…i recommend you do the most sane thing…just pray to Lord Jony Ive….:| sometimes if u r lucky it works all the way to the end…thats it

  126. It downloaded for me and then gave me error messages. I tried and tried again until it finally updated. Just keep trying is all I’m trying to say because it will work, just give it time.

    • Same issue for me on an iPhone 4s – may be trying to ping apple servers for verification and can’t get through…

  127. Took dozens of tries to download, then it took over an hour for “preparing update”. Then I got dozens more errors saying it was unable to install even after that was over. Tried rebooting, restarting wifi, nothing helped besides trying over and over. My iphone 4 is now actually installing iOS 7.

  128. Got it working on my Ipad 4 but iphone 5 says after downloading “Software update is not available at this time. Try again later”. Tried restarting the phone as well…. no luck yet.

    BTW, not the cause of the above error but for installing make sure your device is either connected to AC power or is more than 50% charged otherwise the update installation wont take place.

    • Finally after turning Iphone 5 off for 3 minutes, started the phone and left it on the lock screen.. after about a minute, it prompted to install the update and i clicked on install and now its installing!

  129. iPhone 4, update failed over and over again, have tried for almost 3 hours now. So now it’s time to say “Screw this crap!”

  130. FGS, we’ve got half the world updating. No amount of rebooting/restoring/backing up/shouting will free up Apple’s servers……!

  131. I thought the Airplane Mode trick worked. But then 1 hr and 35 minutes into the download it failed again. Grr.

  132. OMG ! in begining itself so many problem, not sure whether OS will run for last.
    hopefully not many bugs in this version

  133. Update iTunes and then download and update through it. I tried 6 times OTA then updated iTunes and the download took 3 minutes and the update is installing now.

  134. Calm down people give them a break. Just think how many millions of people are trying to download it at the same time. I’m surprised how well their servers even lasted this long

  135. iPhone 4, 8GB, spent two hours trying to update it! So frustrating because it goes from 2 hours- 1 hour- 43 minutes- 10 minutes- error! and then error again and again talk about ridiculous. Apple should’ve seriously updated their server because this is so annoying!

  136. updated my itunes and did the software update through there, it is now working after 20 error notices trying to update it through my phone

    Sarah – Australia

  137. [email protected]

    I did a restart of my phone after i got the update error 3 times and now its updating.

  138. Mine worked eventually. Mine said it downloaded but then while it was verifying it would say update service not available.

  139. Mine was giving me an error and now it just shoes iOS6.1.3 is up to date…WTF? This is more frustrating then getting an error…lol.

  140. After couple of attempts was able to download iOS7 on my iPhone 5 & iPad 3rd generation but now i am having issues in installation process. Keeps displaying a message saying “software update not available”
    Pls help.. :( :(

  141. I was getting the same error, kept trying and now it finally completed successfully. I can only assume the problem is due to all the traffic. Keep trying

  142. Finally, after four hours of nonstop trying I’ve successfully updated. If you don’t want to wait until later just keep trying! It will work!


  144. A million people are trying to download it at the same time, its like new years!! the lines get full!!! you have to wait for other people to stop downloading it!!!

  145. Ok mine went thought the process and I go NO errors but it didn’t finish the process it just won’t do nothing now and will not let me down load it again help

  146. I managed it, took about 2 hours altogether. Don’t forget to update itunes after that, the 11.1 update is now available, too. You wouldn’t be able to sync your new iOS7 device without updating itunes afterwards

  147. Finally updated on the ipad after repeatedly getting the error message. Might be a coincidence but it worked after switching the wifi off and back on, also took a few attempts to verify the download so does semm like the servers can’t handle the traffic.

  148. If anyone is still having problems–my iPad 2 downloaded without issues OTA after plugging it in with the AC adapter (download time: ~1.5 hours). My iPhone 5 took a bit (a lot) longer; after multiple attempts to plug in both AC and into my computer, I finally managed to update iTunes to 11.1 and it was showing 7.0 as the latest software available. Plugged back into my computer and it’s downloading now (download time: 18 hours. omg), after several hours of crazy frustration.

  149. So I finally got it installed. I got home and downloaded and installed through iTunes. It still took a while. It looks nice but beware if you have a 4S or older. It’s definitely slowing down my 4S. And I changed my home wallpaper to check out the new ones which look pretty cool but when I decided to switch back to a camera roll picture it zooms in on the pic. It gives the option to “Move and Scale” but for me it’s movable but I can’t zoom out to it’s original scale.

  150. Everyone is complaining but are not thinking about how many idevices that are all trying to update, be patient, the servers are overwhelmed.

  151. be patient, close all your background apps and put your phone or tablet in airplane mood, then use wifi and keep your fingers crossed. Everybody is trying to do the same thing so make it as easy as possible as your device then just walk away and let the magic happen.

  152. download OK, but it screwed my ipad 3 resolution back to ipad 2 level….support hasnt got an answer yet… seems that it cant recogise the ipad 3 retina display

  153. After I tried to update it 2 or three times, I had the idea to check app store. You have to accept the new terms and conditions, maybe update all your apps. Then delete some apps that you don’t mind deleting, and some pics. After that, it worked for me, ipad mini

  154. My iphone 4 software update just keeps saying it’s loading, and no option for ios 7 is even showing up….software update just keeps loading for hours.

    • Install it through iTunes Jenny. It’s a smoother and faster install. I had to do that to get my 4S updated.

  155. after downloading the ios7 software successfully, i had an error during installation. now my itunes is no longer seeing my ipad mini. the ipad mini doesn’t even boot up, it keeps displaying itunes config mode on the screen….

  156. Mine uploaded fine but I cannot use IMessage. When I try to log into my apple account is says to check network connections, which I did and reset them and still cannot use IMessage.

  157. so I updated my iphone through iTunes and now it wont let me restore or anything so my phone is useless -_-

  158. I did the upgrade for my iPad, it said it had successfully downloaded and needed to be installed and then just went into melt down mode and now just has the stupid apple logo on the screen. I have tried to reset, restart but nothing is happening. ANy ideas on how to unjam the stupid thing?

  159. can i pause while updating, cos its taking long time and i do not have internet facility for 24 hrs..

  160. i m not gettin an option of downloading ios 7 direct from mobile it is jst continously check for softwre update nd loading is coming nothing else help me out

  161. Ive downloaded it and it SUCKS… They’ve changed the colors, text messages aren’t working, and there are tons of issues throughout. Is there anyway to go back to the previous OS??? I DO NOT LIKE this update. If you guys are having problems with it, IMO don’t worry, I wouldn’t do it!

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