How to Close Out Apps in iOS 7

Apple launched iOS 7 yesterday, and tons of users have already downloaded and installed the update only to discover a completely new user interface. It’s the first time that Apple has radically changed the look of iOS ever since it first debuted back in 2007. Of course, though, a lot of mechanics are still the same, so experienced iOS users will still be familiar with it. However, not the same can be said for iOS novices.

In this how-to, we’ll show you how to close out of apps. It’s rather simple to do, but the method has changed a little in iOS 7 compared to iOS 6. However, it’s a lot easier and way faster this time around, allowing you to be quite the app-closing ninja.

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How to Close Apps

To close an app, just simply press the Home button to get back to the home screen. If the app is in a folder, you’ll have to press the Home button twice in order to get back to the home screen, since you have to travel back out through the folder before you can get to the home screen.

2013-09-19 14.43.23However, this doesn’t close out of the app all the way. Pressing the Home button to exit out of an app doesn’t completely close it out; it still stays running in the background, that way it’s still up and running if you ever want to go back in. To completely close an app, double-click on the Home button. This will bring up iOS 7’s new multitasking tray.

You can scroll through the multitasking tray horizontally and look at all the apps that are currently open. Each app includes a preview card and the app’s icon below it. To close out of an app, simply swipe the preview card of an app upward to completely close it.

Why You Want to Close Apps

Not only does closing out apps free up the multitasking tray from junk, but it also saves on processing resources, thus saving on battery life. The more apps you have running in the background, the more CPU usage is being used, meaning that the battery needs to churn out more juice so that the CPU can do such a job.


Of course, we wouldn’t recommend getting into an OCD habit of completely closing out apps every time you exit one, but it’s a good idea to go through the multitasking tray at the end of the day and close out any apps that you’re not using, that way your phone can relax a little through the night so that you’ll still have some battery left over for the morning.


  1. Bj Armstrong says

    When I double touch the icons come up with the pages above…Then I double touch again, and no multitasking bar comes up…just goes back to the home icon page. How can I clean the icons out at the end of the day on my iPad.

  2. mathews thomas says

    nice work on ios7 i found difficult to close the app.. but its easy by double cick the home and swipe the app upwards..

  3. Egret says

    It takes a lot more energy to close apps this way, rather than tapping as we used to, since the gesture must be done with vigor. Thanks for the explanation!

  4. Remmy says

    Why write a book about how to close app when you could tell us how to do it in the first sentence. The comment section is more useful than this waste of time and space article .

  5. Kelly says

    After installing this my Facebook closes out and it will not let me back in any suggestions???

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