New MacBook Pro Release Remains MIA as Apple Updates iMacs

The new MacBook Pro models with the latest Intel processors and a potential for incredibly long-lasting battery life remain under wraps this morning as Apple announces new iMacs with the updates processors and enhanced graphics.

In a surprise this morning Apple announced new iMacs with little fanfare. While Apple often makes a big show out of new products with special events, this update keeps the same thin design, focusing on new specs. Updates like this often appear on Apple’s website with a press release announcement instead of an event. While Apple could have announced these at the iPhone 5s event earlier this month, the company clearly wanted to keep the focus on the iPhone.

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The New MacBook Pro and New MacBook Pro Retina models are still missing after Apple updates the iMac line.
The New MacBook Pro and New MacBook Pro Retina models are still missing after Apple updates the iMac line.

Apple’s Mac product line finally looks more enticing to buyers who want to get the latest hardware, but a New MacBook Pro and new MacBook Pro Retina update remains missing. The Mac Pro desktop Apple announced in June and a Mac Mini are also due for updates, all of which could come in October.

The new MacBook Pro models will likely share features with the updated iMacs as well as the new MacBook Air models Apple introduced in the middle of the summer.


Rumors suggest Apple is gearing up for a new MacBook Pro in September or October, and the latest leak claimed Apple would announce the new MacBook Pro at an event on October 15th, alongside the Mac Pro, iMac and new iPads. At this point the iMac is already out of the bag, but Apple could combine a new MacBook Pro Retina with the iPads, or if there are no design changes deliver it to the Apple Store on a random morning in the coming weeks.

At this point it’s a good idea to wait for the update, and here’s what we expect on a New MacBook Pro and new MacBook Pro Retina.

  • Intel 4th generation processors
  • Big battery life boost
  • Faster WiFi
  • Faster flash storage
  • Improved Iris Pro Integrated Graphics
  • Improved Dedicated Graphics on some models

We assumed many of these features would come to a new MacBook Pro in 2013, and the iMac and MacBook Air updates solidify this opinion. It’s possible the new MacBook Pro models will get Thunderbolt 2 like the Mac Pro, to take advantage of 4k displays and simultaneous storage usage on a single Thunderbolt 2 connection.

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  1. Please bring back the 17-inch and leave optical drives in the non-retina macbook pros since the retina MBPs already do not have them.

  2. I really need a new computer so I’m going to wait for the macbook pro update to buy one, I’m uncertain if i should get an imac because its way cheaper than the macbook or buy a macbook which is portable which is great for me as a college student

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