iOS 7 Jailbreak Service Claims Remote Jailbreak, But it’s, “All Lies”

The iOS 7 jailbreak release is likely months off as the brightest minds in iOS hacking work to free iOS 7 and the iPhone 5s from Apple’s shackles, but that isn’t stopping an un-named individual from using the name of a noted iOS hacker to trick iPhone and iPad users into trading their time for a fake jailbreak.

The 7Jailbreak service claims to offer a remote iOS 7 jailbreak that users can complete right on their iPhone or iPad to install Cydia on iOS 7 and gain access to the jailbreak apps and tweaks Apple will not sell in the App Store.

The service doesn’t charge users an upfront fee or ask for donations before a release, which many fake iOS 7 jailbreak services rely on, but it does ask users to complete an offer such as installing a game on their iPhone to make money on affiliate fees.

iOS 7 jailbreak service is "all Lies".

iOS 7 jailbreak service is “all Lies”.


The mobile version of this service is careful to avoid claiming Joshua Hill is affiliated with the company, but quotes him as saying, “This will go down in iOS jailbreaking history!”, which appears as if he endorses the service.

Joshua Hill, known as @p0sixninja played a major role in past jailbreaks with the Chronic Dev Team and work on Absinthe as part of greenpoi0n. ¬†Joshua Hill is not affiliated with this service which is registered to a protected account and a P.O. box in Panama. Hill tells Gotta Be Mobile any affiliation is, “all lies,” in a tweet on Monday.

This iOS 7 jailbreak is not going to deliver Cydia on iOS 7.

This iOS 7 jailbreak is not going to deliver Cydia on iOS 7.

Users who click the iOS 7 jailbreak button will see a progress bar act as if something is happening and then a pop up telling them they need to continue to complete the process. The next page shows a list of affiliate offers which the user must complete to unlock the iOS 7 jailbreak.


After completing the affiliate offers, users will be disappointed as there is no iOS 7 jailbreak at this time. The 7jailbreak Facebook post advertising the service is filled with users saying, that the service, “Doesn’t work.”

If you need more proof, this service does not work, look at feedback from those who tried it.

If you need more proof, this service does not work, look at feedback from those who tried it.

This is no surprise to users who follow the iOS 7 jailbreak scene closely, but for those who are simply looking for an iOS 7 jailbreak that delivers access to Cydia apps and tweaks on iOS 7 it’s tempting enough that some users will fall for it.

Pod2g is confident in the success of an iOS 7 jailbreak, but is not ready to give an eta for an iOS 7 jailbreak release. There is an iOS 7 jailbreak for the iPhone 4, but it does not yet work with Cydia.


  1. carsten says

    well then im an ass too. I just payed 24$ to safera1n, and got nothing …. well next time i’ll know it’s free. Thanks. You learn as you get along ;-)

  2. Peleus says

    I accidentally used this 7jailbreak site to “jailbreak”. Did this install any keylogger on my iPod? Or is it harmless?

  3. Jim Julian says


    Did anyone ever develop a real remote jailbreak.
    Could a mediocre remote jailbreak be constructed using the pdf exploit?

    Thank you

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