Galaxy Note 3 Review: Samsung’s Most Powerful Phone

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  1. Arunkumar Gudelli

    Ordered it Online.. Waiting For It.. Nice Review…

    • Edith Perez

      My Uncle Lincoln recently got an awesome six month old Volvo S60 only from working parttime off a laptop. This Site

  2. Denys Beauchemin

    Good review. I received my N3 a few days ago from AT&T. I am amazed at how light it is and the screen is just jaw-dropping awesome. I have been busy setting it up and learning the various unique features such as the S Pen.

    I have ordered different kinds of holsters and pouches for it, in an attempt to see which one will work best for me.

  3. Bigmouth

    And…the AT&T Note 3 is sold out over the phone and in at least one company store I tried. So much for your bold prediction supply would be ample at launch.

  4. mel nussbaum

    Voice mail for note 3 is deleting on its own. Anyone have a cure for this or can tell me what’s wrong!!!!!!

  5. The Geek

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is surely the most powerful phone till now.
    I too own its predecessor and there is no other phone that can match up to its performance other than its own series.

  6. irsage (@irsage)


  7. dave

    how do you change the “hi galaxy” wake up command in the note 3? How do you move the bookmarks that were preloaded?

  8. Sree Ramya T

    Wats the Indian Rupee price of it?? :/

  9. Ikramer

    I like the big screen phone. I always watch movies after I convert them with aneesoft video converter on it, It can save my time.

  10. Kake Yun

    This Note 3 phone is great. I got lucky and bought it 2 days after it was released in North America. I love and thank God that it works with my Note 2 smart dock! See videos for details of the Note 3 working with the smart dock:

  11. Arslan Saleem
  12. Arslan Origamist

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