Verizon 4G LTE Now Covers More Than 99% of Its 3G Footprint

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  1. DAvey

    OK. I live in Wyoming. That Verizon map shows a LOT of white space. There is 3G or 4G service in most cities and towns, but step out of the city limits, and you’ll find lots of 1X service, or (more likely) no service at all on the highways. One state agency asked Verizon why they don’t put towers up along more highways. The Verizon spokesman said, “Cattle don’t use cell phones.” In Sublette County, Wyoming, Verizon operates exactly 3 towers to serve 4,900 square miles.

    I get it, but I’m still disappointed. It would nice if Verizon would expand basic mobile phone coverage.

    • Heathicus

      Cattle don’t use cell phones? Then why does the entire midwest have coverage? Logic failure on 2 levels. However, I think the 4g connection speeds in kansas are subpar compared to other places like New York.

  2. Ron B

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