iWork Not Free for Previous Mac Owners (Update)

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  1. mallaidh

    so if I have iWork that was installed via DVD, before the app store was rolled out, does that mean I am out of luck? Also, does Mavericks need to be installed before the new iWork shows up in System Updates? I am currently running ML and while Safari, iTunes, and iBooks are showing up as updates I have yet to see any iWork updates.

  2. Oakville Men’s Gymnastics

    I had purchased iWork on DVD with my 2010 MacBook Pro. Using the AppStore to update to Mavericks also updated my iWork to the new AppStore versions. The old version of iWork is in a separate folder within Applications.

  3. Chad Kirchner

    It’s free if it was purchased before, or free with a new Mac. It is not free for current Mac owners who never purchased it in the past.

  4. mallaidh

    do you have to update to 10.9 before the new iWork becomes available to download/update?

  5. M_yrsky

    Yep. Can’t update, but can’t but can’t purchase either since App Strore only gives me to option to update which it doesn’t let me do.

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