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  1. Scott

    I have had this happen TWICE within 4 days. Maybe I am an outlier but that doesn’t seem “rare” to me. This is my first Mac, and want to love it, but this hang up may prevent me from being able to.

    • Songpol Siengvisuth

      You are still fortunate. This freaking issue happens to me EVERYDAY and more than one time a day!

  2. Oscar

    This has happened to me three times… TODAY! pretty annoying.

  3. Jase

    Could they still be using the old usb3/haswell c1 stepping which is widely reported during launch?

  4. david

    ive had this mac for 3 days and its happened 3 times, though I do expect Apple will fix it soon (ish)

  5. xyz

    If “rare” equals a frequency of 3 times within 1 hour, I don’t want to know what “occasional” means in Apple terms…this is more than pretty annoying IMHO.

  6. David Beaton

    Has happened to me 4 times in past week (since purchase). For me this was a very expensive investment and the issue of freezing has more than taken the gloss of the purchase. Apple need a fix quickly or mine is going back.

  7. Kyle

    It’s happening to me right now. I’m on a tight deadline and closing the computer does not seem to be working. Any other suggestions???

    • Kyle

      …left comment on another computer… files in progress on frozen mac

  8. Andy

    I just bought mine two days ago. The first day was fine. Then today it froze twice within a 45 minute span.

  9. TigerStar

    It happens to me every day at least three times a day. Usually when I am doing something dumb like reading the news or facebook.

  10. Kernith

    misery loves company…. mine too

  11. Nathan

    This has happened to me at least 5 times since I first got it. I was in the middle of a complex trade when it froze just recently [IN FACT IT JUST HAPPENED AS I WAS WRITING THIS POST] Not so rare…..I hope this is a mission critical issue with Apple by now.

  12. jeff

    Happens to me once a day or so. Note that there’s a very easy temporary fix: just connect something by USB. E.g. a USB drive, your iPhone, an external mouse. Anything. This will prevent the problem from happening.

  13. Bob

    Check software updates. It looks like Apple has released a firmware update to address this problem.

  14. Azure

    I’ve had this happen quite often, but today, after closing the laptop to “fix” the problem, when I reopened the laptop, the screen was black (like I had shut it down) and did not respond when I clicked the mouse, keys and even the power button. I closed it for a bit, reopened it, had a screen up, but still an unresponsive mouse, and after repeating this process several times, I eventually forced shutdown and restarted a few minutes later. This is EXTREMELY alarming. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • bewilder

      Mine (13″ retina 16GB ram) froze upon connecting iPhone and opening iTunes … putting it to sleep after didn’t help. I had to do a forced shutdown …. not happy at all with that. I cannot afford it to freeze like that as I plan to use for live performance. My gf’s 3 year old 13″ pro never had any issues like that … go figure. If it happens again I will simply return it.

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