Free Xbox One Is Real Deal for Loyal Gamers

Microsoft has confirmed that the free Xbox One email being sent to users from is not a scam, and that users who have received the email are getting a free Xbox One for their dedication to Microsoft’s entertainment console.

The excitement kicked off after some Xbox users began receiving an email that contained information for a free edition of Microsoft’s next-gen entertainment console. At the time, Microsoft hadn’t publicly commented on the giveaway at all, leaving users to flood the Microsoft Store’s support line with calls asking about how to redeem their console.

Users who were able to get through didn’t always find themselves talking to a representative who knew anything about the free giveaways. However, searches for the email address quickly returned results posted to Microsoft’s own Xbox forums back in 2012. Users in that forum topic confirmed that the email address was real and used to interact with some customers.

xbox one

Those who received the email should follow its instructions to the best of their ability. The email says that users should definitely call sooner than later as Microsoft will begin shipping these consoles on November 22nd.

Users who aren’t a part of the giveaway can still get their hands on Microsoft’s next-generation entertainment console. The company has confirmed that its retail partners will have extra units for users who didn’t pre-order, on hand at launch. Unfortunately, these users will have to arrive at stores pretty early. Most retailers will begin selling the Xbox One at midnight for $499.

At this time, Microsoft seems to be struggling with the onslaught of callers trying to redeem the console. If you can’t get through, it’s probably a good idea to wait an hour or two then call back or holdout for further instructions through Microsoft’s communication channels.


  1. I got my msg through xbox on Monday. 100% legit. not only do you get the xbox for free, but they are sending out bundles of games too. 1,3,5 or 10 games w/ 12month live. all 100% digitla download though. Redeam your email TODAY as this is the last day to order if you want it at your door 11/22. ALSO… there is no waiting when you call microsoft store. normal 3-5 min wait as usual.

  2. I have been on Xbox since the first one and the Xbox 360 and not had a free one I ha e spend money like he’ll on New games getting my live on and for not a reward that is dissapointing

    • i understand. however you do understand the concept of a lottery right? your loyalty got you a lottery ticket, not the prize. 48 million users on Xbox, there are a lot of disappointed folks. Don’t ruin such a nice gesture by pouting. They didn’t have to give ANY OUT.

    • you wont. from what they told us over 2 years ago that they took gamertag, years on XBL, if you have ever been suspended or banned into consideration. they looked at how interactive you were with the xbox community as well.. example, a LOT of the xbox ambassadors received the gifts as well. which is awesome because they donate/volunteer their time to trouble shoot other gamers in the chat rooms. there was also 3 levels of prizes. Killer instinct download, xbox one with 1 game, and xbox one with 5 games. Again, I personally feel that it was top shelf that they did this at all. Much respect.

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