iPhone 6 May Bring Faster, Samsung Style Releases

The iPhone 6 release could come faster and Apple could offer multiple iPhone launches in a single calendar year according to a note to investors shared after a meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFOΒ Peter Oppenheimer.

Apple released two iPhones in 2013, but did so on the same day with a clear distinction between the two. The iPhone 5s is Apple’s flagship iPhone while the iPhone 5c is a cheaper, mid-range option that offers last year’s tech in a new design.

According this new report from Katy Huberty, an analyst with Morgan Stanley, this set the stage for faster updates to the iPhone line, similar to the fast iPad 3 to iPad 4 release in 2012. Unlike most analyst notes which focus on the supply chain and other sources, Apple Insider reports that Huberty came to this conclusion after a meeting with Cook andΒ Oppenheimer.

Huberty’s note states that Apple is ready for, “multiple refreshes per year,” of the iPhone line, but doesn’t quote either Apple leader on record with a specific plan for a fast iPhone 6 release or even faster iPhone 7.

According to a new report Apple may adopt a faster iPhone release cycle which could bring two iPhone 6 models or an iPhone 6 and a new iPhone to users in the same year.
According to a new report Apple may adopt a faster iPhone release cycle which could bring two iPhone 6 models or an iPhone 6 and a new iPhone to users in the same year.

Apple committed over half a billion dollars to a U.S. based company recently to develop Sapphire glass technology which could be a part of a new iPhone, possibly the iPhone 6 according to conjecture.


If Apple shifts to a multiple iPhone per year strategy the company would need to execute the releases in a manner that doesn’t leave consumers constantly waiting for the next iPhone or angry that Apple held a feature back for a newer device. This was a major issue for Android smartphones in the 2011, with Motorola as the worst offender. Motorola announced the Droid Bionic at CES in January 2011 and delayed it until September 2011 when many consumers quickly purchased the device. Less than two months later Motorola launched the Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX, with better designs, features and support, leaving many customers angry at the fast release.

The dual release strategy is working for Samsung, thanks to a very focused approach which Apple may be planning to copy. Samsung launches the Galaxy S series in the first half of the year and the Note series in the later half. The to devices are different enough that consumers do not need to choose between the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 in the same way that harmed fast releases from Samsung in earlier years.

Analysts agree that Apple is working on a larger display for the iPhone 6, and a recent NPD DisplaySearch report points to two iPhone models in 2014. While it’s not clear if both of these are an iPhone 6, the report claims we will see a 4.7-inch iPhone with a 720P display and a larger 5.7-inch iPhone with a 1080P display.

Anecdotal reports from Gotta Be Mobile readers and conversations with consumers show demand for an iNote or Galaxy Note 3 sized iPhone 6. By offering multiple iPhone models with distinct sizes and target users Apple could pull off a multiple iPhone 6 release cycle and avoid a lawsuit like the one filed after the fast iPad 4 release.


  1. i will believe it wen i see it, but hey apple needs to step up to the plate like samsung if not the iphone is always a fav of mine!! but ya a 5 in screen and a higher ppi and camera rez would be nice, well after two years of fails on the iphones 5 / 5S maybe tim cook has a 2014 surprise in the hidden box to finally step up and beat all i hope, but we will see???

  2. My name is Dimitris and I’m from Athens-Greece. If Apple wants to be again leader, needs inspiration and innovation! L-A-R-G-E-R screen, new design etc. 5s is cool but no C-O-O-L!!!

  3. I don’t foresee Apple doing away with a home button already. Otherwise how would they integrate their new fingerprint technology? I doubt it’s ready to integrate into the actual touchscreen or the bezel

    • That was a great post there!! Ya why would they stop the finger sensor that’s the main feature of the new ip 5s!! I’m sure they will carry it at least one more year?? But hey who know what apple has in there bag of tricks for us in iOS 8 fall 2014 😁😁😁😁

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