5 Walmart Black Friday 2013 Deals to Avoid

The Walmart Black Friday 2013 ad is online and it is one of the most popular searches of the week, as consumers look to see what the retailing giant has to offer on Black Friday. While there are many incredible Black Friday deals, including the guaranteed in stock iPad mini at Walmart, there are many deals that shoppers should avoid altogether.

Doorbuster deals are designed to offer prices so low that shoppers throw reason to the wind, camp out all night and spend a lot of money on what is often a mediocre product.

Update: Added correct weight for the G2 Black Friday tablet which Walmart mistakenly listed as heavier. 

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The Walmart Black Friday 2013 deals are no stranger to these bad buys. Typically we see the worst Black Friday buys at CVS or other retailers that have no business selling consumer electronics, but with Walmart selling pretty much anything, we fond several deals that shoppers should not wait in line for on Black Friday and some that shoppers should not even bother buying.


Walmart Black Friday 2013 Deals to Avoid

Here are five of the worst Walmart Black Friday deals you can spend your time and money on this year. These are definitely not worth missing Thanksgiving for or worth waiting in long lines for.

HP 2000-sd09WM $178 Laptop

A $178 laptop sounds like a steal on Black Friday. Walmart is known for offering one of the cheapest Black Friday laptops around year after year. This year it is the  HP 2000-2d09WM.

The HP 2000-2d09WM is a $178 Walmart Black Friday 2013 deal you should skip.
The HP 2000-2d09WM is a $178 Walmart Black Friday 2013 deal you should skip.

This Walmart Black Friday sale includes a 15.6-inch display, AMD E300 processor, 4GB RAM and a 500GB hard drive. There is a DVD burner which many new notebooks do not include. These specs aren’t as bad as some of the options we’ve seen in the past, but it’s still not a laptop we would recommend to a friend or family member, even on a budget.

There aren’t any HP 2000-2d09WM reviews out now, because this model was specially configured for Walmart on Black Friday. The closest we could find is this PC Magazine review of a similarly equipped HP 2000 notebook which found the notebook is very slow, but offers good battery life. They write,

“As with the Toshiba C855D-S5104, the HP 2000 took more than 24 minutes to complete our Photoshop CS6 tasks. The Dell Inspiron 15 took 9 minutes 4 seconds, and the Intel Core i3-powered Toshiba C875-S7340 did it in 5 minutes 47 seconds. “


Even if you don’t plan to use it for photo editing, expect longer waiting times on this notebook. Spending an extra $100 should open up the door to an Intel Core i3 powered notebook on Black Friday, which is going to be much better.

RCA 7″ Dual Core Tablet

The Walmart Black Friday 2013 ad includes an RCA tablet that is guaranteed in stock for the first hour or delivered to your store by Christmas. A $48 Android tablet sounds like a great deal, but we have not experienced good support for of brand tablets.

The RCA Dual Core 7-inch Android tablet at Walmart's Black Friday sale isn't worth waiting in line for.
The RCA Dual Core 7-inch Android tablet at Walmart’s Black Friday sale isn’t worth waiting in line for.

The 7-inch display has a lackluster 800 x 400 resolution that most competing tablets will put to shame and only offers 4 hours of battery life, which may be much lower during actual use.

The upside is it does support Google Play services like Gmail and Google Maps, but don’t expect good customer support or updates to new versions of Android. Many tablets like this are made specifically for Black Friday and corners are often cut. Save up for something else.

Trio Stealth G2 10.1″ Tablet

The Trio Stealth G2 Black Friday tablet offers a 10.1 inch screen and Android for $99. Update, the listing of a 2 pound tablet is a mistake. This Trio Stealth G2 Black Friday tablet weighs 1 pound 3.4 ounces. The screen resolution is still low compared to most 10-inch tablets, but the lighter weight upgrades this deal somewhat.

The Trio Stealth G2 10.1-inch Android tablet at Walmart is one to skip.
The Trio Stealth G2 10.1-inch Android tablet at Walmart is one to skip.

On the upside the battery life is rated at 8 hours which is a lot better than the RCA tablet. Still the 1024 x 600 resolution is very low for a 10.1-inch tablet. Shoppers also get an old version of Android and little hope for updates.

For $100 it’s going to be a better option to look for a deal on a Kindle Fire HD or a used Nexus 7.

McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection Solution Plus for PC is $9.99 on Black Friday, a savings of $60 according to Walmart. That sounds like a big discount but most shoppers will be better off downloading the free Microsoft Essentials app to handle virus protection. Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 includes Windows Defender which does the same thing.

Your computer already comes with free access to cheaper, better protection.
Your computer already comes with free access to cheaper, better protection.

One of the big features of this software is that it will put a color coded icon next to search results to show the safety of the link. While you may not know this, searching through Google and or using any modern browser including Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer will automatically flag bad sites and warn you before visiting them. Microsoft calls this SmartScreen.

SD Card Deals

Walmart offers a collection of SD Card deals on Black Friday that are cheap, but are definitely not worth lining up for or skipping out on family gatherings. We expect Amazon will offer som SD card Black Friday deals this year as part of a flash sale.

SD card deals aren't worth buying on Black Friday at Walmart.
SD card deals aren’t worth buying on Black Friday at Walmart.

Even if that isn’t the case, Amazon offers 16GB SDHC cards for about the same price any day of the week, which means no lines, no angry people and no sell outs.


  1. Haha this is great. Most bloggers merely report deals – thanks for filtering them for us. Budget tablets with terrible specs are almost always a waste of money…

    • That RCA tablet rocks for $48. Dual core, 1,2 ghz. Yeah the resolution is a bit low but for mist things you won’t enen notice. It’s as fast as the Nexus 7s I have. Great buy for $48.

  2. What is your opinion of the crime book Staples is offering in the same price range or the Dell laptop being offered for $199?

  3. the 10″ tablet is 1.6 pounds. I think 2 pounds is the box weight. hope that helps, as it gets pretty good reviews, you may want to reconsider it?

    • I bought this tablet and I think it su**s. The screen is so dark all the way up on brightness. very glared even in the dark. It’s also very glitchy. Wish I would have found this page before buying. :(

  4. We are looking for a tablet for our 8 yr old. He pretty much wants to play games but we wanted bigger than a 7 in. We don’t want to spend a lot of money so 100 dollars for the 10.1 tablet isn’t bad.

    • If the games are cell phone types then the tablet would fit the bill, but anything more “advanced” wouldn’t run or be compatible.

    • I just ordered two…one for myself and one for my 9yo son. I read all of the reviews. It looks good to me. Even so, all he will do is play games (apps) and I read and utilize social media. Looks like a good deal. Fingers crossed! Better than a 300.00 iPad when funds are not there for that yet

  5. Android 4.1 is hardly old, My HTC Evo just got 4.2 up from 3.2 just two weeks ago. Most current phones don’t even have that iteration of Jelly Bean 4.1-4.2.3 and 4.4 Kit Kat is Nexus 5 prioritized with non-guaranteed upgrade paths to current phones. I think considering the tablet even has Jelly Bean is a positive note.

    • other than size I am not seeing anything yet. I bought mine right at 8pm at Walmart. Got home opened up and been using ever since. Fours hours of streaming Netflix and maybe used 25% of my non full battery. This actually loads faster than my iPad. So far I cannot really anything bad but maybe not the greatest screen size or display output.

  6. What do you think about the Emerson 50″ TV for $288? Target has the same one for $228. It may seem like a great buy, but Emerson tvs get terrible reviews and reports of breaking after not even a year of use. I’ve also heard their warranty and customer service are terrible, making you pay to ship it both ways and for parts and labor to fix it. I’d love to know your thoughts.

    • Emerson is an old brand but also an old good brand. For the price on blk fri it’s a great deal. Bought two over the years with no extra warranty(not necessary) and no problems. Both televsions get a lot of usage. Try it, I think you’ll be happy. Great picture and great audio. Enjoy

  7. Also wuts so bad bout a laptop, da 2000 hp for the price?¿ r we jus being anti wal-mart Black Friday or Wut?¿ I need reAl answer….solid!

  8. Why would you tell ppl to look for an Intel Core i3 powered notebook on Black Friday, for $100 more ($278), when there is no such offering??

  9. that’s what I want to know I think it maybe a great buy if I am just going to play candy crush saga on it and other games lol

  10. Well, we have TWO Black Friday Walmart computers from one to three years ago and they are fine. We will purchase another one at $178 tomorrow if we are lucky enough to get one. Of course, you techy people hate the cheap stuff but some people don’t need more. They are the CHEAPEST ANYWHERE AND THEY FRIGGIN WORK. So there.

  11. just a fact: Most laptops at Walmart are exclusive to walmart, not just the black friday ones, you can see this by the model # showing “WM” after the actual number. They’ve been doing this since around windows vista release. Walmart isn’t the only one in this situation either, most laptop models are made exclusively for that retailer with slight/no differences to avoid having to price match other competitors.

  12. What’s to stop someone from buying that cheep labtop and upgrading it with a retail price new processor and 8gb ram? You’d still come out on top.

  13. I’m trying to figure out how you managed to go to Walmart @ 8 pm, view 4 hours of Netflix, yet post a comment 1 hour after your purchase. Who did you say you worked for?

  14. comments section whacky here. tried responding to that guy up there and this new thread was started, posted the reply again and i was properly nested under his comment. no option to delete comment. heh

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