Nexus 4 Android 4.4 KitKat Update Release: What You Need to Know

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  1. ROZm

    its too too bad the technology media hasnt fully reviewed the google nexus 7.2 and its horrible problems, including not booting, automatic rebooting, gps problems, not able to turn it off, having to reset settings over and over again. got mine on the last wed in july, i think. sunday problems…on phone for 4 hours with google & asus. fixed, supposedly, same problem wed. then again friday….when i returned it. google NEVER made an announcement of problems or fixes. we’ll see what happens with kit-kat. i am so FRUSTRATED & DISAPPOINTED WITH GOOGLE FOR PUTTING OUT Such a faulty product. must i go to apple to get what i need?

    • PURP

      Apple pole jocker

  2. Gene

    How do I block it? I don’t want the “OK google” crap, nor do I want the SMS app.

    • ricegf

      In Android Play store, select Menu (the 3 dots in the upper right), select Settings, and turn off Auto-Update.

      If you really want to control your own device, rather than letting Google handle the details for you (which is safer and far more convenient), you might google “cyanogenmod”. But remember – if you fail to keep your system up to date with security patches, you could be road kill. With great power comes great responsibility – or so I hear. ;-)

  3. Scott

    ‘OK Google’ is already out with Jelly Bean – it’s on my S3 running 4.1.2… Unless you’re talking about a different version?

    • Branden

      This one is just always active on the home screen

      • davidc

        You can turn on or off the always listening feature just as many other settings on the device.

  4. jay

    Trolling. What’s the difference between a Samsung troll, and a IFruit troll? Samsung paid kids. I FRUIT people do it for free . Truth. 7 is a wonderful device without any of the issues described above.

  5. Bruan K

    I have zero issues with my Nexus 7 (2013). It has great battery life and no lag. I do not like the camera, but I didn’t buy it for the camera. Who uses the camera on a tablet?

  6. Cecil Gabriel

    As usual, another tech article that I wasted my time reading only to learn nothing.. Nada!

    • Peppe

      Brilliant waste of time of an article that should have been no longer than a tweet

  7. Zorro

    This article is nothing about, waste of time

  8. Thomas Munn

    Whatever, whenever, I have just received my kit kat update to my Nexus 7.2. Now looking for details of what was updated. It was very quick and invoved something happening to all my apps. I do not need to know but would just like to learn what was done anyway. .There was a page of explanation which as usual I forget. Thanks if anybody answers!

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