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  1. gunther

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  2. Jay

    Cory, I also think that yet another factor that reinforces your hypothesis is that TMobile is already carrying the Moto X, so it makes sense that it will also carry Moto G. Tmobile runs a sizable prepaid business (yours truly is a customer) and the G fits nicely into it. If it does, it will be easy for me to make the seamless switch.

  3. Josh Hinnenkamp

    No WCDMA 1700 mentioned on those FCC filings. If that’s really the version that they’ll be selling for T-Mobile, it will only get the WCDMA 1900 coverage T-Mobile refarmed for iPhone support. Not ideal outside of major cities.

  4. Josh Hinnenkamp

    WCDMA 1700 support is included in the US unlocked version. This has been settled for a couple months now, but not in the comments on this article, so I thought I’d follow up.

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