iOS 7.0.4 Problems Continue to Surface

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  1. someone

    “issues that prompted Google to release iOS 7.0.2″
    Google doesn’t release iOS…

  2. Aron Tripp

    Everyone is just Holding/Touching/Connecting it /Doing Everything wrong. It just works.

    • Steven Zellers


      • Larry

        Ohhhhaaaahhh yaaaawn here too, just another iOS 7 flaw, wah wah WAHHHH!!! Just like all others it’s the apple waiting game?¿?¿

    • Connor

      I haven’t had any problems, i must be doing it wrong hahaha.

      • Larry

        Your one of the lucky ones.. That’s good!! Your not doing wrong, don’t course yourself!!

  3. Not Adam Mills

    Adam Mills… you made a terrible sin against the gods of technology… absolute blasphemy! Apple and Google are separate entities…

  4. Stephen

    This has to be the worst written, worst edited piece of garbage article I have heard. So many mistakes and complaining without the slightest hint of understanding coding, debugging and testing practices. You can ask Google, er, Apple about it.

    • Steven Zellers

      Huh?! You weren’t aware that Google was involved in the development of iOS ;)

      At least it gets a little better further down haha:

      “…but that issues from iOS 7.0.3 have carried over into iOS 7.0.3″

  5. adam mills sucks at journalism

    the worst article in the world!! how did it make it to the top listing on google?! no specifics as to what’s wrong, just repeated issues issues issues over again like a drone, even got the company wrong!!! Google released IOS 7.0.2?!?! you suck like hell as a journalist.

    • Kim

      I am having trouble playing my game wizard blox it didn’t start until I upgraded to iOS 7.0.4 this is so frustrating!!!!!!

    • Larry

      He is doing some seriouse ass kissing!!

  6. Alice

    I’m always amazed at the level of rudeness people will reach when they can be faceless and nameless. You can express disagreement without being a jerk.

    • michelle

      Yes, Alice…well stated. This piece was clearly written in a rush without little thought to details, fact checking or editing. Also, Apple has historically fixed issues for users pretty quickly and to beat them up like this is rather uncalled for. State the facts and get them right.

  7. Mike

    And the reason for using iOS rather than Android is?

  8. Guy

    I am able to bypass my lock screen on my 5S/7.0.4 just by plugging in my charger and pressing the home button at just the right time…give it a try sometime. :)

  9. Robert Crocker

    IOS7.0.4 reloads on several sites that I try to use. IPad 2

  10. Robert noferi

    IOS 7.0.4 is absolutely the WORST software update you can make to any of your I pad , I phone devices. I have seldom had a problem with them UNTIL this update.
    My ipad 2 continually crashes and often it loads so slowly I forget what I was looking for in the first place. Then there are the wifi connection issues, printing issues, on and on .
    I have tried many of the suggested “fixes” for these issues to NO avail.
    Outrageous!! A company that fired its vp for closing retail locations ,- based on its concern for hands on customer service should hang its head in shame. Perhaps it’s time to use some language the company can hear to fix these new problems so many of us are having.
    SELL YOUR APPLE STOCK! Encourage all fund managers and shareholders you know to do the same.
    It will take a while, but that kind of noise will be heard.
    Servicing the customers you have is MUCH smarter than looking for new ones!

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