Xbox One Game Deals Arrive for Cyber Monday, PS4 Game Deals Teased

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The Xbox One Game deals are here for Cyber Monday, with $10 off several first party titles from Microsoft on Amazon and a teaser for some PS4 Game Cyber Monday deals to come.

Cyber Monday is an online shopping event that normally lasts just one day, but Amazon is running deals all week on smartphones, tablets and video games.

Now that the PS4 and Xbox One are in stock at some online retailers, games are on the minds of more shoppers. While the launch lineup is not very deep, there are a number of games worth checking out.

So far we are seeing Cyber Monday Xbox One Game deals from Amazon that aren’t as deep as those on the Xbox 360, but still worth getting if you want any of these launch titles.

Xbox One game deals arrive for the Amazon Cyber Monday 2013 event.

Xbox One game deals arrive for the Amazon Cyber Monday 2013 event.

The Xbox One game deals include three first party games, which means no Cal of Duty Ghosts, FIFA 14 or Madden 25 on sale today. Here’s a short list of the games on sale at Amazon. All come with free shipping.

These games are part of the launch lineup. Unfortunately the Xbox One game deals are pretty sparse, but this close to a launch gamers will need to take what they can get.

Amazon is not currently offering an PS4 game deals as part o Cyber Monday 2013, but there is still hope. Amazon offered a Buy 2 Get One Free deal on PS4 games in November so we know that Sony and Amazon are willing to cut prices.

The Amazon Cyber Monday 2013 games page teases PS4 game deals.

The Amazon Cyber Monday 2013 games page teases PS4 game deals.

The Amazon Cyber Monday deals run through the week and the main banner for Amazon Cyber Monday 2013 video game deals includes four PS4 games, including two yet to be released games. The Xbox One games banner includes the three games that are currently on sale, so this could be a teaser for PS4 game deals to come.

  • Knack
  • DriveClub
  • Infamous Second Son
  • Killzone Shadow Fall

These games may arrive as part of a Cyber Monday deal this week. The Amazon deals run through Saturday, which leaves plenty of time to cut the prices on PS4 games.

While the Xbox One and PS4 offer digital downloads we have yet to see any Cyber Monday game deals on the digital download side of things. Buying games digitally means no reselling, but it simplifies switching games as no discs need to be swapped.

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    12/02/2013 at 12:23 pm

    They only took one dollar off?

  2. [email protected]

    12/03/2013 at 9:24 am

    hmmmm? normal price for a game is $60.00 usd, and at a price of $49.00 my math says that this is a discount of $11.00 does that sound right to you greg (moron)

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