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  1. Lui

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  2. Owen

    I just updated to 5.0.2 and the Jot Script still registers any part of my hand touching the screen and not just the stylus.

    It would be nice if only the stylus were detected on the lined paper part of the app.

    • Warner Crocker


      I would strongly suggest you contact Adonit or the Evernote Market and let them know and also ask for an exchange. That’s the experience I was having with the first Jot Script I received and it was solved with a new unit that I exchanged.

      • Owen

        Thanks, I will.

  3. Milo (@mil0oo)

    I also was experiencing the glitches.
    Seems like they didn’t have a good supplier. I sent it back. hoping for a good one in the mail.

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