PS4 vs Xbox One: 7 Things Buyers Need to Know

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  1. Lolatyou332

    Ya i thought remote play would be cool but it doesnt even work properly from like 2 rooms over.. If your buying a vita just for remote play your better off just buying another ps4 for the amount your spending

  2. jaijasty2

    Playstation plus isn’t required for mutiplayer, it just gives dicounts, free games, online store, and some other extra features. All you need for multiplayer is a free PS account

    • t0md0

      You actually do need PS+ to play multiplayer on the new PS4. PS3 on the other hand, its free on PSN to play multiplayer.. n00b.

  3. Joshua

    @jaijasty2 The playstation plus membership is now required for the PS4 for multiplayer. It is not required for the other apps such as netflix, etc.

    @lolatyou332 Remote play works well if you have a strong network to run it on.

  4. Josh

    PS4 camera is not required as your Bluetooth, USB or 3.5mm mic can be used for voice features of which the kinect never understands anyway. You also didn’t mention the psShare button which is a million times better than Xbox ones take screenshot command which usually misseswhat im trying to get. Also remote play out ranks s the hdmi in feature because id rather play anygame anywhere than no game at all whereas the hdmi in lowers my cable box resolution, pointlessly keeps my Xbox running for no reason which also had the crqppiest TV guide ever it is so slow. smart glass isn’t a huge deal since ps4 has second screen and there was no me tion of the fact that the kinect is required to use the Xbox which is bulky ugly and takes 15 minutes just to setup with tour speaker system where as ps4 cam is not required but worth the pip streaming of gameplay which you don’t need a camera for anyway and will likely support any USB can in the future as the ps3 did. Also none of the pictures are correct. The ps4 is the size of a netbook where as the Xbox is the size of my audio receiver and twice as thick taking up an entire shelf by its self while looking ugly with a huge half of it covered in vents. 100$ is not a huge difference but correct you’ll have the console for 8 years meaning 80$ extra paying 60$ for xboxLive over 50$ to play ps4 online which also gives discounts and freebies. Like the free to play games launched day one where as Xbox required 10$ more for…. None. None of the new extra features to this game console seem to be for using it as what it is… A game console it gives you the option to tell it you want to….watch tv or…. Turn off which I suggest doing. Also. Don’t mention bd3d support to ps4 coming soon or the fact that there is no backwards comparability to Xbox where as ps4 will have it along with the ability to use old peripherals such as move.

    • Dan

      Wow. I’m a PS4 & XBO fan myself, but your writeup (although pro-PS4) would scare away those on the fence. And much of what you said is just plain wrong.

      First, the Kinect 2, while not perfect by any stretch, understands a LOT of commands very well. I use mine with my voice daily and about 85-90% of the time, it perfectly recognizes what I say the first time. It will only get better over time. The PS4 camera, while a great piece of equipment, is an extra expense that few will purchase, and therefore not see the benefits of owning it.

      Second, Remote Play and routing HDMI through the XBO are two completely different things, yet your run-on sentence compares them equally. Remote Play is awesome, plain and simple. On a good home network with the PS4 hard wired to my router, it works perfectly 95% of the time. And I also have my DVR routed through my XBO, which also works well. I still use the channel guide through my DVR, but the voice commands for volume and mute control are just plain awesome. And yes, right now running it through my XBO does adversely affect the video quality (very slightly), that’s another thing that can change through an update.

      Third, Kinect 2 does NOT take 15 minutes to setup and the XBO console is not “twice as thick” as you mentioned. My Kinect 2 took all of 1.5-2 minutes tops to setup, which is a very small time investment for the benefits offered. And while the console is larger than the PS4, it’s not a big deal in the real world. It’ll be a rare space where a PS4 will fit and the XBO will not. From a design standpoint, sure, PS4 wins. It’s pretty cool looking. But the XBO was designed to blend into an entertainment center, not stick out like an angular space ship. And once you’re playing the awesome games on both systems, how to console looks is completely irrelevant.

      Now I will agree about PSN vs XBL. PSN is a slightly better deal from a money standpoint, which gets even better with the bonuses like several free game choices (especially for PS3). But XBL has been around MUCH longer and is time and play tested. There’s nothing wrong with PSN, but XBL is just plain more mature. Both are fantastic though.

      Regarding BR3D support, both are capable of it, and getting that feature is as simple as an update for both systems. No advantage either way there.

      It all boils down to games, pure and simple. If the PS4 has more games you like both now and in the future, get it. And vise-versa. They are both very capable machines and will only get better over time. So quit spewing false information about one system over the other and just chill out. Life is too short already :)

      • Josh

        So you either didn’t read my comment or were to focused on my grammar which does not have anything to do with the topic at hand; sorry also as I am typing this entirely on a phone, but you clearly did not understand a few things I said. I said the xBone was the size of my audio receiver and twice the size… I am pretty sure you have never seen how thick my audio receiver is but it is exactly half the thickness of the xBone. Secondly you are correct that a lot of people won’t see a need for the PS4 camera. I stated my support for that as I said, xBone is 100$ more for a camera that you must use where as the PS4 cam costs 60$ and is not even required. I will not be getting one and will use a regular USB cam when supported for PIP streaming. The Kinect 2 does however take 15+ to set up for a 7.1 surround sound system as each of the 7 speakers and the subwoofer make 3 different pitches of noise individually until it has “calibrated” the position of the kinect 2 microphone. This process may take longer depending on room size and speaker/kinect arrangement. This isn’t including the time to find space for the kinect. It won’t comfortably sit ontop 90% HDTVs such as my samsung smart tv and cant sit below as the center speaker to my surround sound would either block its view or be blocked and on top of the limited space available (a windowsill above my tv where the camera just barely sees past the tv top) the kinect needs a ton of space behind it not only for the fact that it is the thickest webcam ever; thicker than kinect1, or for te fact that a thick fan is then sticking out from the back center of that, but then there is the cable which comes stright out the back at a 40 degree angle downward and barely flexes before slowing unbending anyway. I have it in my basement where the windowsills are thick and it still can barely fit since it pushes the shade halfway back and then the huge ugly black cord protrudes from my windowsill out and down the wall as it is too thick to bend and hang comfortably down the wall. HDMI through and remote play are not the same but the only two major differing features each is sporting in the opinion of most and I was simply stating one is very flawed the other works for me over crowded University wifi well enough to play COD:ghosts in between lecture. On the note of “I use mine with my voice daily and about 85-90% of the time, it perfectly recognizes what I say the first time.” this varies for person to person and kinect setup and room setup and speaker setup. But as a comparison trying both systems, the PS4 gets it right each time for me the xBone takes a few tries. xBone is also over cluttered with features; depending onif you want to use system controls or controls in your current app you must say xBox or xBox Select and it would take a lot of use for most users to get the hang of. Whereas PS4 offers simple commands, simply Playstation>Start Netflix. And for the volume control it is not perfect. Perfect would be saying how many levels to go up and it does so, xBox volume up chooses the magic number of 3 to go up and the same goes for down. If I just want to turn t up one for a better listen I still need my remote. However on PS4 I can just plug in my skullcandies and listen to everything I want in crystal clear earbud quality anytime while still using the skullcandies in-line mic for game chat. By far best feature implementation of a console headset I have ever had available. xBone does not even support most previous-gen turtleBeaches. I believe the number is around 2-3 last checked a few weeks ago. PS4 does not “Stick out like an angular spaceship,” it lays beautifully down with enough space for two on top of my STB. I have been called creud names by 12 year old children 300x more often on XBL than on PSN thanks to the fact that the 360 was oversold since parents bought the cheaper consoles for their children thinking they were both the same thing. And while PSN has been around longer it only means they have learned a lot more about the console business in that time. And xBone is expected to never gain 3DBD support as Microsoft still won’t admit sony beat them in the format game years ago while they were still pushing overpriced HDDVD on the sheeple of the world.

        But for the purpose of this article they left out many details like size, backwards compatibility, the share button, social networking integrated into the PSN including ability to see PSN friends actual photo and name, integrated BD movie support without the need of a Blu-Ray player app like xBone (which is odd as they mentioned PS4 OOB disability to play mp3s) and several other tide shifting features.

        All in all and for the short say to those thinking TL;DR:

        The biggest complaint I have about the xBone is actually owning one. Should have spent the money on an extra PS4, saved the 100$, bought the PS4 cam just to have it since I’d still save 40$ and then sold the PS4 at 3 times the price since they were going for about 1500$ day one around my way. Then with my extra money I might have considered buying the xBone after knowing what I know now.

      • Josh

        Also, don’t get me started on how much the controller was not even brought into focus. Touch pad, speaker, simulated weight distribution, comfort, grip, rechargeablilty as expected in modern day and light bar all together make the DS4 way more amazing than the overly clicky, flat xBox 360 updated controller.

      • James

        You must have a wimpy audio receiver. Probably one of those home theater in a box deals, that’s not a *REAL* AV receiver ;) Anyway, I understand that you’re a Sony fan but a lot of what you’re saying is wrong, I would know because I actually have an xbone. Yea it’s pretty big, but it has some pretty cool features that will be really exciting once microsoft irons out the bugs and rolls out the updates. Also, kinect is NOT required, just highly recommended. It’s cool that you like Sony guy, just don’t be a fanboy that belligerently hates on everything else without even knowing what you’re talking about. Oh, my receiver is maybe 3 times as big as my xbone and could blast the clothes off of your mom. That’s a *REAL* AV receiver ;)

      • Mike Everett

        if its as bad as you proclaim why even buy one. you go on and on complaining about xbox one and xbox live, why not just sell it?

        by the way the new kinect is not mandatory to use the xbox one. its there to add voice and gesture functionality which works very well and took me 10mins to setup. saying ‘xbox on’ and then ‘xbox watch tv’ or ‘xbox play CoD ghost’ and it just doing it is very awesome.

        i for one love my xbox one and look forward to playing titanfall and quantum break next year.

  5. pete1427

    My choice—-Neither of them.
    My PC has an 8 core CPU, 32 GB of DDR3 ram, 2-2GB SLI video cards and an
    8.1 audio card. It has 2-2TB hard drives and a partitioned 4TB hard drive for
    data back up. It also has 2 Blu-Ray drives that can also use DVD/CD disks.
    It is the centerpiece for my home entertainment system and as an addition is
    also is also a extremely high performance gaming system. It also still functions
    as a very fast computer.
    It outperformed both the X-box 360, and the PS3 by a wide margin and I have
    no doubt that the same results will be true when I compare it to these two new
    I had built the computer as a computer to use for Auto-Cad and as my home
    entertainment center control. My daughter had several gaming consoles and
    some of her friends brought over a PC version of one of her console games by
    mistake. She ask if she could use my computer to play the game. She
    and her friends were amazed by the differences and excellent system
    At her request, last Christmas I built her her own gaming computer and
    now her consoles, for the most part, just sit and collect dust.
    I am now over 68 years old and was repairing and using computers
    long before there was such a thing as a desktop computer, or for that
    fact a company called Microsoft.
    I have built my family’s desktop computers for a couple of decades now.

    • cj

      cool story bro…

      • Jason

        Lol. For sure.

      • James

        Hashtag masterrace

      • PCElitistKiller

        Something tells me you’re here because you’re bored… we are here about the console war. Not the PC vs. console war. You came here to make yourself feel better by ratting on us peasants about our inferior console devices. So although I have my own opinion on Xbox One and PS4, I think EVERYONE here hates anyone who thinks they are better than us because they spent three grand on a rig that is barely better with video games than either next-gen console. We get 1080p 60fps games, and you get 1440p and 100+ FPS. The difference is barely noticeable past 720p anyways. I mean c’mon. We don’t wanna spend over $1000 on a gaming device. Each next-gen console is equivalent to a $2000 rig. Oh, you spent less than $2000? I guess we’re the master race now. Please, go take your unwanted opinions ANYWHERE else. Reddit, a forum, anywhere. We’re here about two consoles that we want instead of a PC.

        BTW-it’s supposed to be “#masterrace” not “hashtag masterrace”

      • PCElitistKiller

        And I’m not against PC gamers either. Just the mildly stupid elitists. So unless you consider yourself to be “master race,” I don’t hold anything against the rest of you.

  6. Devin

    No doubt pc components blow consoles out the water but the price tag is the issue… How much did that cpu, motherboard, graphics cards, audio card, hard drive,4 sticks of DDR3 ram, and both Blue Ray disk drives cost you? Not to mention the case, the upgraded fans or intercooler to keep your high powered system at a safe operating temperature, power supply, and operating system. I can promise you its well over 1000 dollars.. My pc outperforms the xbox and ps3 graphic wise now, but it also cost me around 900 to build.. not including the monitor. Again like I love PC games they are awesome but I also love console gaming. So I can say if you like the ability to upgrade your system at any time or tweak it to you see fit (and keep warranty), then PC gaming is your style.. PC welcomes modders and creators of DLC and user based content, as consoles don’t approve of it.. but I don’t do either one.. I like them all, but the price tag comes with the better visuals… Just saying

    • Kaihaku

      It’s true that the upfront expense of a gaming PC is higher but the bottom line isn’t as clearcut as that. While newly released games are always top dollar, STEAM sales on recent titles blow any comparable deals on consoles out of the water – while supporting the “feature” of backwards compatibility to a degree that no console can touch. Then there’s the monthly online gaming tax that Sony has decided to join Microsoft in charging gamers this generation, a needless charge that doesn’t exist for the bulk of PC titles. Let’s say you play your XBone for five years, that’s another $300 that you wouldn’t have had to pay on the PC. There’s also that most families are already going to have a PC in their home, buying a better model to allow for gaming still meets that basic need. And let’s not forget peripherals.

      With entry level gaming rigs are down to about $600, consoles don’t quite provide the value that they did in generations past. The couple of hundred of dollars that you can save from not playing an online gaming tax and by picking up cheaper copies of games on STEAM bridges that gap relatively quickly.

      I’m not writing off consoles altogether but I think that their strengths are in the areas where they differ from PCs. Local multiplayer for one especially for families, innovative user interfaces like motion controls, and compelling exclusive software…of which there isn’t much so far this generation. Basically, I think that Sony and Microsoft need to do a lot more to differentiate themselves or the resurgence of PC gaming/advent of the STEAM box are going to be very unsettling for them.

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