Ooma Review: A Home Phone Service for the Smartphone Age

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  1. MG

    Why not just take your smartphone, which most have unlimited voice and buy an Xlink from QVC? Now you have 1 mobile line that routes calls through all of your cordless handsets while it’s charging. No additional monthly fees

  2. Armand

    been using it for 4 years
    have 3 of them

  3. Carole White

    We’ve had Ooma for 3 years now and are SO happy to be free of AT&T and can’t believe our wonderful luck in choosing Ooma! All of the above information in the review is true but there’s more — much more — to Ooma! We have a home phone system upstairs and a business system downstairs. We were able to port over both of our phone numbers and then purchased Ooma’s Linx — a $69 device that synchs to the Ooma main box — to set up the business system downstairs.. We have perfect reception on both totally separate phone systems. The Ooma and Linx pairing also provides us with completely separate voicemail systems for our home and business lines, . In order to be able to answer our business line calls upstairs, we purchased an Ooma HD2 cordless phone (about $59) which has amazing call clarity! AT&T had wanted several hundred dollars to provide us with this service for our former landlines. And last, but definitely not least, there’s Ooma’s amazing low rates to call almost all over the world. We call Europe and New Zealand a lot. I can just add funds online if we run low. I think England is something like 2 cents a minute or less per call. I hope we can have our Ooma forever!

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