New Sony TV Service Could Put the Pause on Xbox One’s TV Ambitions

Sony began its press briefing at least year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo by declaring the PS4 was all about the games. That was true until the company revealed that it’s planning to offer a robust live television and entertainment service could put even the Xbox One’s live television functionality to shame.

The upcoming, and unnamed service, was detailed during Sony’s press event at the Consumer Electronics trade show today. Unlike the Xbox One’s hardware dependent live television functionality, Sony’s television service is internet-based. This allows the company to surface it in more places. Sony’s already announced that versions of the service will come to “70 million devices.” Unfortunately, the company didn’t indicate exactly what devices in its portfolio will get access to the service.

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Sony says that the service will include video on demand, live television and DVR support, however it didn’t share any information about content deals or pricing. The company would have had to sign content deals to make a service like this happen. Historically, content companies have been very protective of their current revenue stream, even if that means getting in the way of progress.

It’s likely that content deals where the reason Microsoft decided to include an HDMI pass-through port in its Xbox One entertainment console. It too, has ambitions in the television space. While users can watch live television on their Xbox One, it requires an external antenna or cable box to get working, that’s something a growing number of users don’t have thanks to services like Netflix and Hulu Plus.


To be fair, Sony has a vast content library of its own, and Sony could easily make its own content available through this upcoming television service. However, the company will need more than its own content to attract users.

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Sony didn’t share any information on pricing or availability. The company also formally announced a cloud gaming service for the PS Vita, Bravia televisions, the PS3 and the PS4. That service is due to launch sometime this year.



  1. Kelz says

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  2. kevin says

    Hope people realize that Sony is not the only company with a movie studios or television studios , theirs more to tv and movies than Sony. Trust me their will be no pausing MS , besides the douchesbags from the far east can Fck off.

    • medman says

      Yes, of course Kevin. Because we should all listen to a guy who doensn’t know the difference between their and there. Get back to your homework child and leave the internet arguing to those more adept.

    • James says

      You sound like some twelve year old who is angry the PS4 is selling better than his beloved xbone. Since you’re not old enough to know this, I will educate you. The PlayStation is best selling console of all time. Not just the PS4, but all of them. All PlayStation systems ever made make up over 40% of the entire console market. What about Xbox? About 12%.

      • Chaotic says

        Xbone 3 million 13 countries
        Ps4: 4.2 million 32 countries
        That’s a huge number difference…in countries

      • Nick1000294 says

        Actually you’ll find that your statement here is quite ignorant ps consoles show only 22% xbox consoles show 39% of all console sales. Next time before making a stupid remark do your research. And just to make myself clear I’m a PC user both consoles are good but in my opinion and the statistics show xbox has better services and exclusives but that is my opinion.

  3. shredenvain says

    Stop fighting about which console is the best. They are both good. They are both selling much better than anyone would have thought a year ago. Xbox one 3 million in 13 countys, Ps4 4.2 million in 32 countrys. Thats amazing for both companys in only 2 months time. Why do peope have to condemn someone elses choice of gaming system. This is all getting so old

  4. Nick1000294 says

    Is it just me or does side by side comparisons show better graphics and frame rate on xbox one? Just wondering.

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