Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessory Rumored as a Complete Reboot

The Samsung Galaxy S5 release won’t be a lonely one with multiple models rumored and a Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 on hand to usher in a new smart watch experience for 2014.

Samsung debuted the Galaxy Gear with the Galaxy Note 3 in late 2103, eventually delivering support to the Galaxy S4 and a handful of other devices, but poor battery life and notification settings that delivered too many notifications or not enough information hampered the launch of the feature-rich smartwatch.

Dennis Miloseski, head of studio for Samsung Design America already confirmed Samsung is working on a new wearable for the spring Galaxy S5 release in an interview with Recode, though he referred to the device as the next Galaxy S phone to arrive in the Spring, and not by name. Even though we expect a Galaxy Gear 2 to work with multiple Samsung smartphones, many consumers will likely see it as a Galaxy S5 accessory and carriers may even bundle the two together like the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear last year.

The first major Samsung Galaxy S5 accessory may be a redesigned Galaxy Gear 2.
The first major Samsung Galaxy S5 accessory may be a redesigned Galaxy Gear 2.

Industry sources tell ZDNet Korea that the Galaxy Gear 2 will deliver a completely new experience when it arrives in March or April, presumably alongside the Galaxy S5.


The primary new feature is a flexible OLED display. The insiders did not share many details about the size or resolution of this flexible display, but it could play into their claims that the Galaxy Gear 2 will deliver a new design.

The Galaxy Gear features a bulky display area that some users found too large and not fashionable enough despite multiple color options and finishes. A flexible OLED display might pair up with flexible battery technology to let Samsung deliver a thinner more fashionable Galaxy Gear 2 with the Galaxy S5.

Samsung is also reportedly preparing a Galaxy Glass wearable that will be on par with Google Glass for a release this year, possibly alongside the rumored Galaxy Note 4.

While rumors once hyped a flexible Galaxy S5 display it does not appear that Samsung is ready to offer a flexible display large enough for a smartphone. The LG G Flex is launches in the U.S. this month with a flexible display, and it may be the only flexible smartphone available in the U.S. during the first half of the year unless Samsung pulls off a major surprise.

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The latest Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors suggest Samsung is planning a 5.2 to 5.25-inch display and may offer multiple Galaxy S5 models. One of these models will reportedly offer a 2560 x 1440 resolution while the lower-end model will use a 1920 x 1080 resolution. We may see a 16MP camera on the back of the Galaxy S5 and Exynos processor options on the higher end models.

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