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  1. Bernard Black

    Bullshit, I’ve downloaded many digital games on the 360. Syndicate, Star Wars Force Unleashed, Mass Effect, several of the MX vs ATV Unleashed style games and I couldn’t play a single one when I had no internet service for 2 weeks. I’d go to launch the title and it would say an Internet Connection was required to play. BS!

  2. Ocassional Lurker

    You can play your digital games offline on your 360 as long as it was the first console you downloaded it to and haven’t transferred your licenses to another console. This is no bullshit, I have 70+ digital games in my 360 and have no problem playing any of them offline when my internet connection drops.

  3. ReaperRenegade

    Where it has download history it should also have a ”license transfer” option. Select it and be amazed. I’d have googled this long before I got as annoyed as you seem to be.

  4. Randy

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