Can You Downgrade from iOS 7.1 to iOS 7.0.6?

Apple officially let loose iOS 7.1, which brings a handful of bug fixes, new features and performance improvements. Most iPhone and iPad owners will most-definitely want to update to this latest version, as many users have reported excellent gains in overall speed and performance.

However, in the off-chance that the update makes your device worse somehow, you probably want to know how you can downgrade back to iOS 7.0.6 (or whatever version you were on previously). This might not seem like a big deal, as downgrading is pretty easy to do on a number of devices, but Apple actually discourages this.

iOS 7.1 downgrade

So can you downgrade from iOS 7.1 back down to iOS 7.0.6 or an even earlier version? The short answer is not anymore. There was a very short time window right after iOS 7.1 was released when you could still downgrade to iOS 7.0.6 for a couple of hours.

Apple usually stops “signing” previous iOS version releases shortly after a new one is out. This essentially just means that Apple no longer supports that specific version, so if you want to install iOS 7.0.6 on your iPhone after Apple stopped signing it, you won’t be able to, since the install has to go through Apple’s server first in order to confirm it.

It’s kind of a big bummer, to say the least, and it certainly gives credit to Android fanboys who argue that Apple puts up walls and closes down its mobile operating system so that users can only do so much, but the trade-off is that iOS users get a beautiful user interface that’s easy to use and hardware that looks better than most competing devices.

In any case, we doubt a lot of iPhone and iPad users would want to downgrade from iOS 7.1. We’ve been hearing nothing but good things about the update from a ton of users who’ve updated, and we ourselves have had great overall experiences so far. We suppose the only reason you would want to downgrade is if you’re jailbroken and you accidentally upgraded, but that’s all on you.


  1. iOS 7.1 has GPS related issue on iPhone 4S. Lost Satellite connection most of the time which never happened in iOS 7.0.6.

    • ,,DOWNGRADE iOS 7.1.1 back to iOS 7.1, 7.0.6, 7.0.4, 7.0.2, 7.0, 6.1.4,
      6.1.3 and lower without ahah blobs,
      Also DOWNLOAD a full Jailbreak Kit for iOS 7.1.1.
      Download it from-WWW.MYDOWNGRADE.COM

      • Attention!! This “downgrade” is “purchaseable” and therefore, no one have got any response by web, unless scam-users trying to pursue iOS users unsatisfied with unsuccessful updates which does not fixes problems at all… I might to advice you that Saurik, Hi8sn0w and Evaders made their patches available for free, because the iOS hacking process is very complex and, at least, the device can be restored to “normal form” (aka “jailed”). Do not pay any cent for NO-GUARANTEE (and no-proved) downgrade, unless you really know people who got iDevices successful downgraded. I also remind you: A4, A5, A6 and future CPU store aptickets and SHSH blobs within the BIOS; that’s why the downgrade is very, very difficult, from 4s to newer idevices.

  2. Got a friend who accidentally press update to ios 7.1. To say the least don’t judge me for what I m about to say. It is my own problem not yours. The new ios 7.1 is not suited to my liking it have those round buttons I like the rectangle from the ios 7.0.6 better, the keyboard hurts my eyes and the letters are too bold for my liking compared to the ios 7.0.6 and the ios 7.0.6 I had no problems at all just a tiny bit slow but it works great but this new ios does my head in I m considering selling my iphone and get another one in order to have ios 7.0.6 again. Please if apple could get a new ios with the rectangular buttons again it would be so great.

  3. Husband blind can no longer navigate iPhone since update wants desperately to go back. As is phone totally useless.

  4. Update to ios 7.1 and ever since it’s crashing every 10 minutes, iv done a full restore but still carries on, I never had crashing problems with 7.0. Please somebody help, even crashed typing this!

  5. iOS 7.1 is good and all, but I hate how the music albums are now sorted from most recent album to the oldest. I especially hate it for my albums that are volumes. Seeing them reversed is just driving me crazy, and I hope they fix that.

  6. i updated as I figured updates make the phone better but now I regret it….half my apps no longer work my Simpson’s tapped out froze so bad after the update (never happened before the update….NEVER!!!) that it would restart my phone I uninstalled the app and reinstalled, i even reset and restored my phone and still it wont work, my banking app is completely black when I open it so it is now useless as well and I also agree I like the rectangle buttons better as well as they are easier to use when you are in a rush . if anyone hears of a way to fix this or go back to the versions that work please PLEASE please!!! let me know

  7. This is really an useless post. The question was “Can You Downgrade from iOS 7.1 to iOS 7.0.6?” you should only answer NO instead of turning around and finally blame the one who wants to downgrade with your “that’s all on you”. After all, all your readers are searching for a mean to downgrade. Rephrase your title to “You CANNOT downgrade” instead of misleading your readers.

  8. Having a ton of problems downloading pics PDFs and attachments. I live on the road and now both my iPad and iPhone are screwed up.


  10. I’ve lost all my personal hotspot settings since updating to 7.1 and can’t save the settings now. Someone said they have to be pushed down from the carrier but my carrier doesn’t sell the iPhone so can’t do it. Anyone know a workaround or possible rollback method to 7.0.6?

  11. great job tim cook you douche bag, the 7.1 is corrupt i was better on 7.0.6 i don’t jailbreak or nothing, my 5s was fine till 7.1 who ever let this update out should be fired!!!

  12. My phone speaker stopped working. I can use ear buds or the speaker mode, but when I hold it to my ear, it is very faint. Very disappointed for the first time with Apple…

  13. I have recently updated my IPhone 4S to IOS 7.1. My phone freezes at lest 2 times a day and i have to do a hard reset on my phone. You might be thinking “maybe you have to many photos/videos/music/ apps”. I do not have any music on my phone, no videos, exactly 3 pictures, and no apps. I completely erased my IPhone 4S of all content and settings back to factory and i tested it out and it still freezes. Wi-Fi turns off on its own. i DO Not like IOS 7.1 and wish to go back to IOS 7.0.6. Please and if you grant my wish, then thank you.

  14. So disappointed with Apple right now. Updated to ios 7.1 and my iphone is now stuff up. The apps would not load properly or it would get stuck for around a few minutes and you can’t do anything about it, sometimes when I try to turn my phone the lock button doesn’t work until after a few go but lets just say my iphone is now stuff and it is useless. This never happened with ios 7.0.6 and one more thing the rectangular buttons I must agree was better now that it is cicrcular it made everything that much harder.

  15. Since I upgraded my 5, my battery life has halved and it won’t connect to wifi that is 10m away from it!! I had no issues before so this sucks

  16. i’ve got one reason to downgrade, the contact picture that use to appear when someone called me now is reduced to a tiny stupid ball and this really get on my nerves

  17. Apple now gives a huge f_ck about their costumers! Outstanders have always complained about Apple high prices and it was true, but we got premium products to our hands! They’ve worked on this update to make the Carplay happen and got tons of money from the car companies!

  18. Sorry to say this but i must let it out, ever since i upgrade my Iphone 4s my personal hotspot stop work, this is a big show down to Apple, but question is why must this 7.1 update must be release at the first place without being monitored? My friends always tells my that Android is the best now i am beginning to see reason with them, this mess should be fixed at once, APPLE!!!

  19. I cannot do anything with my pictures once I select- can’t send, copy & they no longer go to full page since going to iso7.1!!!

  20. Uncle. Just went to Samsung Galaxy 5 and Note II with my business. Saved a bundle because someone with more money than brains bought all of my old iPhone4, 5, ipads. NOW I can actually do business without being handcuffed, work-around this and that. You know apple products are great, just not for my personal nor business use. Use the correct tool, don’t let iphone run your life.

  21. I m really worried about my iphone safety since the update to 7.1. When I download an app now there is no password required it just download by itself ios 7.0.6 I didn’t have a problem with this security it always ask for my password, also I m so annoyed my iphone keeps on popping up the trust this computer thing whenever I plugged into the computer to use itune and to upload my photos ios 7.0.6 didn’t have this problem. I regret it for updating to ios 7.1 there is a mjor security flaw for the app store and itune and there are many other flaws that I really hate my iphone is now not usable a lot because of these issues. I m now using a sony xperia z way better. The Apple company should fix these issues immediately and I don’t think that apple have done extensive testing on the new ios.

  22. Post is totally useless because it misleads you into thinking it offers a fix that it doesn’t.

    New iOS changes settings so..

    – when on speaker you can never see the person you are talking to full screen.
    – digits are changed into different buttons, buttons are moved.
    – sound quality not as good
    – options removed from various menus
    – pictures don’t display properly
    – slower switch between photos, videos, etc and between apps
    – more crashes in apps esp multi-media apps
    – hogs battery power so phone dies between 7-9%

  23. Anyone else have problems not being able to swipe. Phone absolutely useless. Mayaswell go back to my qwerty Nokia

  24. Great that you automatically assume that we have “jailbroken” (read: BAD HACKER YOU!!!) phones in order to want to get rid of this thing that has essentially bricked (OOOOOO more HAKZOR LINGO) this thing. I’m ready to go to a burner, after having supported this company since the Classic. No more.

  25. Mr. Lloyd, I’m very glad you got the chance to editorialize a technical article! How great for you that you were able to reaffirm the definite conclusion that Android lacks a ‘beautiful user interface’, and ‘hardware that looks better…’! You must wake up every morning just boiling over the fact that 79% of Earth has chosen Android over the divine and all powerful iOS! Such ignorant plebeians I say! Well you’re right! Those stupid ‘fanboys’ over at Google must be converted! Good luck and god speed on your iCrusade, race forward blind, opinionated, and ignorant as ever! Thanks again Craig for populating a flyover state and writing for GottaBeIgnoble! Next stop, Pulitzer!

    in Jobs’ name iPray, amen.

  26. Does anyone know if the following will work;
    1. Backup my ipad that has ios version 7.0.6 with Itunes
    2. Update to Ios 7.1 and try it out.
    3. Restore my backup from step 1 (7.0.6) with Itunes if I dont like it

    Will Step 3 work, can I restore an older ios version if I have made a backup?

  27. This is the LAST Apple product I will own. I am SICK and TIRED of the way Apple treats me, someone who has owned 9 of their products over the last 6 years, not including several I have bought for family and friends.

    I tried to restore to 7.0.4 (which my phone and I were quite happy with, until a minor icloud-related disaster this morning) and I was unable to. I DON”T WANT 7.1.1 That’s MY choice. I OWN THE DAMN PHONE!!

    Android has been ready for prime time for about a year now and I see no reason to put up with this BS (and the attitude on Apple’s part that goes with it) any longer.

  28. I want to return to my IOS version before 7.1 because now, on incoming phone calls, the picture of the contact no longer fills the screen so I can quickly tell who is calling. Additionally, I hate the new smaller and rounder button for an incoming call. Not every iPhone user has 20-20 vision so bigger is better. My iPhone is my first ever Apple product of any type and likely my last if this is an indication of how Apple treats their customers.

    • The new iOS 7.1 does not make contac photos full screen which I think sucks big time. That’s one of the best features of the iPhone. How can Apple be so stupid?!

  29. Update sucks I have a 4s nothing wrong with it but now with the new 7.1 it overheats trying to keep up with the data it’s using. This is 3rd cell in a year n Ickes worse is when u get new one it automatically comes with 7.1 installed we need a 7.1b for older users as 7.1 was made
    For iPhone 5+ to run. Anyone else notice that thier cell gets very hot now at back even more so when ur using data.

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