How to Replace a Broken iPhone Out of Warranty for Cheap

If you have a broken iPhone without a warranty or insurance you may be looking at the prospect of paying $650 or more to your carrier for a new iPhone off contract, but there is a much cheaper and better option available, even if you are way out of warranty or you are holding a water damaged iPhone.

Many iPhone owners don’t buy AppleCare+ that covers damage or spend $8 to $10 a month on iPhone insurance plans that cover damage and loss or theft. Apple only sells an extended warranty to users who are within 30 days of the initial iPhone purchase and the iPhone must be working at the time of purchase.

Here is how replace a broken iPhone cheap, spending less than half of what carriers will charge.

Here is how replace a broken iPhone cheap, spending less than half of what carriers will charge.

If you are holding a broken iPhone in your hand and it is out of warranty or without any insurance or accidental protection plan you can still get a replacement for under $300, which is 50% less than what you would pay to buy an off contract iPhone at a carrier like AT&T, Verizon or Sprint.

Apple offers an Out of Warranty Service that allows almost any iPhone owner to get a replacement for $269 or less. That’s a huge savings over the off contract iPhone price.

You will need to bring in the broken iPhone, so this will not help users with a lost or stolen iPhone. Thankfully the iPhone out of warranty replacement does cover water damage, so if you drop the iPhone into water and don’t have AppleCare+ you can still get a replacement. The same goes for an iPhone with a broken screen or that won’t even turn on. If you can hold your broken iPhone in your hand you likely qualify for an out of warranty iPhone replacement.


Out of Warranty iPhone Replacement Cost

If you can go to an Apple Store it is going to be the fastest way to get an out of warranty iPhone replacement. Apple calls this an out of warranty service, but in most cases they will take your old iPhone and give you a new one in the same visit. The prices listed below are for an out of warranty iPhone service at an Apple Store. You cannot get these prices at a carrier or at a retailer like Best Buy.


  • iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c – $269
  • iPhone 4S – $199
  • iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, Original iPhone – $149


If you call in and need to ship the phones back you will be charged $6.95 or shipping. If you need an out of warranty replacement iPhone faster you can use the Express Replacement Service and pay an additional $29 fee.

The Out of Warranty iPhone replacement cost is affordable and even covers water damage and broken screens.


With this additional fee and upgraded service Apple sends a replacement iPhone to you first, and then you send the broken iPhone back. This is ideal if you need the iPhone faster, but if Apple refuses the service due to the iPhone being in multiple pieces or unauthorized modifications you will need to pay an additional fee. There is also a fee if you don’t send the iPhone in or if you send it in late.

These are the best options for iPhone owners without a warranty like AppleCare+, SquareTrade or insurance like Protect Your Bubble or carrier programs. If you are in the hardware warranty for defects, but break the iPhone or drop it in water you qualify for this replacement service as well.


If you need to buy an iPhone warranty or insurance, check out our comparison of the top options on the market with pricing, coverage and a breakdown.


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