Samsung Galaxy S4 Android 4.4.2 Review (AT&T)

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  1. Darshan

    quick battery drain happens only for 3 charging cycles after that it gives a better battery life…..
    don’t think twice… android 4.4 is a good update…. go for it…:-)


  2. Brian A

    Google has confirmed that an undetected bug is causing problems with the recent update to their Android operating system (OS) software. The fault in the coding diverts 100% of CPU use allocation to the camera in a device, draining the battery in a rapid amount of time. In some instances users have also reported that it causes the battery and the device itself to overheat.

    The problem has been reported to affect the Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy devices. HTC took the step of blocking the 4.4.2 update due to the problems being caused on its devices. Google have advised that they are looking into the issue and expect to issue a fix soon, but cautioned that they can only ensure that it works on the Nexus range of devices, warning that other manufacturers may have to develop a firmware fix for their own brands.



    Yaa.. i really want to get this update soon in ma country..
    Hope it will give good performance


  4. Dopeboy

    I updated to 4.4.2 earlier and the only weird thing I notice so far is that even though I turned off mobile data already, the icon on top of the screen still shows that it is running. I restarted the phone and it went away. Not sure how will it affect my phone bills or if it will happen again though.


  5. Javier

    Does any one know how to update it for some reason I can’t I’ve been trying to update but all it says is that the update has been interrupted and to check back in 24 hours. I am not rooted at all and it has never been.


  6. Symo

    After I updated my Galaxy S4, my devide no longer responds to commands, it locks, just doesn’t work properly anymore.Sometimes I cant’ even unlock it. I hope there will be a newer, better version of software very soon, because I already cant’t stand this one.


  7. kendall

    i updtated my galaxy s4 and now the options to hide and share apps are gone. i wish i would have known that this was gong to happen , so I wouldnt have updated the software


  8. user0001

    My Galaxy S4 is running 4.4.2 on AT&T’s network, and at least once per day it loses connectivity to the LTE network and has to be restarted manually. This is extremely troublesome, because there is no indication of the lost connectivity until one tries to make a call or send a text, and it just hangs. This means that the phone is missing all incoming calls and texts without the user knowing it.


  9. bardisi

    Battery lasts no more than 4-5 hrs after a full-charge. This doesnt help and I d love it if someone has a fix.


  10. Tom Scott

    My s4 mimi has been losing internet connection s on both WiFi and mobile data.


  11. andyk

    Android 4.4.2 was the worst software downloaded onto my phone!!!… keeps turning off..very bad lag now… factory reset does nothing!! Should NEVER have downloaded this stupid software!!! Very very annoyed!!! Fix this crap up Android!!!


  12. CKL

    I updated my s4 galaxy to 4.4.2 kitkat but I still cannot use my Google wallet. I turned on my NFC feature and noted that my battery is NFC capable. I tried at Walgreens but I cannot get it to work. It doesn’t respond. My carrier is At&T


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