iPhone 6: 7 Features This iPhone 5 User Wants from Apple

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  1. IOU812

    Good luck there I’ve had the 3GS the 4s now 5s I’m thinking more towards android I don’t think apple will change much?? I’m sick of the glitchy updates like 7.1 and the tiny screen bye bye crapple!!

  2. www.samsunggalaxysvii.com

    that;s really great stuff but when was the next iphone come out. And How much it cost?

  3. Mammon

    -Wifi 802.11ac
    -Larger Screen

    Do this and I’ll pay $900 IDGAF.

  4. ellie

    I switch from iPhone 5s to galaxy note 3 and I’m crazy over my phone big scree. Great for texting video Web etc and I’m a girl, so guys shouldn’t complain about the galaxy note 3 size that’s gay…

  5. Adrian

    I don’t know why everyone is so fixated with big screen phones. It’s a much bigger target for predators and impossible to operate single handedly. Just imagine holding a gigantic phone next to your ear, it’s absolutely ridiculously. If apple does decide to go with a larger screen, i think i’ll just stick with my 5s

  6. Suraj5575

    Nice article
    What I think u missed out was larger storage capacity
    Rest all wishes are bang on!

  7. Joe

    I am on my phone A Lot! I love that I can operate my phone with one had. 4.5″-4.7″ screen is plenty. I have no complaints with the iPhone 5. When 5c & 5s came out I kept my 5. Because to me the upgrade is not worth the price. The 5c also has a plastic back plate that is rounded. I like the brushed aluminum back plate. Improve the battery & stretch the screen a little I’m good. I also kept the 3GS then went to the 5.

  8. IOU812

    @adrian bigger screen is better. I guess you have small hands n fingers as well as a small d.ck

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