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  1. brad

    you must be very rich to consider the iphone 5c, gs4 and htc one cheap! c’mon! the only best CHEAP smartphone is the moto g!

  2. krishna

    If you are looking for a best deal in mobile phones then flipkart is best click on my name to know more ….

  3. longebane

    Bro, 2 out of the 5 phones are flagship phones, that are even more expensive than a Nexus 5 (which is considered budget). How much research did you even do, to include flagship phones in a article about cheap smartphones? Oh, everything’s “cheap” when it’s subsidized, woohoo.

  4. andyroid

    where is lenovo? undoubtedly low on price but not on performance

  5. Liam Werndly

    These phones aren’t even cheap! Do some research before publishing articles. Don’t know how you got your job…

  6. amy

    I am a low income senior eligible for a California PUC “free” phone. PUC now allows users to use their minutes on a “smartphone.” I will need data only rarely but would like to know what would be the best least-expensive smartphones available to us “welfare phone” users?
    Many thanks.

  7. Samuail

    I loved Nokia 8210 it was a very good phone, and reliable too.
    all smart phones are really social sh*t. no more talking even to the wife / kids,
    where these phones brain wash all the humans generations.
    what is the use….. watzup, bbm, and all this crap…. where is the life with this technology…

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